Corgi Becomes Internet Sensation When He Joined the Chinese Police Force

Common police dogs working in the force are big, tough-looking breeds, such as the German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. However, photos released online with a Corgi joining the police in China have... Read more »

Kind-hearted Elderly Passenger Lends Her Pillow to a Service Dog to Make Him Feel Comfortable

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Stray Dog Eats Rocks and Twigs to Survive on the Streets but Gets a Second Chance at Life

So many stray dogs struggle to survive wandering the streets. They would go on for days without eating proper food, and the scraps they find are usually not enough to satisfy their... Read more »

3 Rescue Dogs and Mexican Red Cross Searchers were Transported by Plane Alongside Passengers and Were in Their Best Behavior

In February, passengers on a plane felt excited upon seeing 3 dogs sitting obediently alongside them during a flight. They were on their best behavior and were immediately the focus of attention.... Read more »

Shiba Inu Escapes Her Kennel in a Plane Cargo Hold on Mid-flight while Dosed on Full Sedatives, Leaving Baggage Handlers Baffled

In this modern age, many people have been traveling with their pets. Airplanes allow this but follow rules and regulations. Guide dogs, emotional support animals, and the like, are allowed inside the... Read more »

A White Dog with Black Ears Has Gone Viral for His Uncanny Resemblance to the Famous Animated Dog Snoopy

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Shelter’s Longest Resident was Returned by Adoptive Family After a Week but is Given a Second Chance in a New Forever Home

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36 Years Ago, 20 German Shepherds Take the Final Police Dog’s Test: To Keep Calm and Not Attack the Passing Cat

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An Excavator Operator’s Wish for a Good Friend Comes True When He Finds a Puppy at His Workplace

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A Pit Bull Waited Over 100 Days at the Shelter Before Finding Her Forever Home

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