Tired Husky Suddenly Stops and Falls Asleep while Pulling a Sled with 4 Other Dogs

When our body is tired, it shuts down and tells us to take a break. A similar incident occurred to a Siberian Husky who could no longer work due to exhaustion. In the middle of a sled run, it suddenly stops and lies on the ground. Although its owner attempted to make it continue on its journey, the husky only looked at him coquettishly. The other huskies also attempted to convince the tired husky but to no avail.

A hilarious video of a Siberian Husky that suddenly stopped and fell asleep in the middle of a sled run in Mainland China went viral on Weibo. The clip was then shared on various social media platforms. On a cold and snowy day, 5 Huskies were pulling a sled their owner was riding. One of them suddenly stopped and decided to fall asleep on the snow, ignoring the other dogs who also stopped along the way.

When its owner walked over and coaxed it to continue on its way, the dog only opened its eyes and looked at him provocatively as though it was saying, “I’m tired, Master, let me take a break from work and get some sleep. We can continue later.” The other Huskies felt distressed seeing their companion fall asleep, assuming he was on strike. 😆

“Huskies are not sled dogs. They are social animals. You can travel by yourself. Let them sleep.”

“Dog: ‘We are not to be enslaved!’”

“The husky is really exhausted from running.”

“Other huskies: ‘We will sleep too and continue to run when you get up, Lei Bao.’”

Sled dogs get tired from running a long distance. If you are not in a hurry to arrive at your destination, allow them to take a break and be on your way after a few minutes of rest.


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