A brave mother overcomes language barriers and travels across half the globe with the only aid of a “note” in order to meet her daughter, but almost ends up being detained at L.A. airport. Luckily…

Editor’s note: This is a true story of an old mother with language barriers travelling half the globe to meet her daughter. The story was recorded by a reporter Ms. Xiao who... Read more »

A Gray Tabby Cat was Spotted Using Her Body to Shield Her Kittens and Protected Them from the Pouring Rain

No matter the species, a mother’s love is incomparable. A young man was on his way to school during a day of heavy rain and chanced upon a mother cat and her... Read more »

Candid Shot of a Gray Cat Sipping Milk Tea from a Plastic Straw Amuses Netizens and Becomes a Potential Meme

“Is the cat really drinking milk tea using a straw?” This is a question most netizens asked when a photo of a gray cat drinking bubble milk tea circulated on social media... Read more »

Corgi Becomes Internet Sensation When He Joined the Chinese Police Force

Common police dogs working in the force are big, tough-looking breeds, such as the German Shepherds and Belgian Malinois. However, photos released online with a Corgi joining the police in China have... Read more »

A Family in the UK Spots a Smiling Seal Sleeping at a Riverbank and Mistakes It for a Sandbag

A local news website in the UK, BBC, reported that a white seal was recently spotted sleeping on a riverbank in Ely, and its photos have become popular on the internet. From... Read more »

Koi Fish Owner Hired Workers To Clean His Pond But All His Fish Died After

Warning: This story may trigger owners and lovers of ornamental fish. Read at your own discretion. Preservation of expensive fish is not easy. Through his Twitter page, a netizen @anthraxxx uploaded the... Read more »

An Aquarium in Japan Cancels All Sea Lion Shows to Focus on Animal Welfare

Japan is famous for its many zoos and aquariums. They have been popular among tourists and locals alike due to their amusing marine shows of orcas, dolphins, and sea lions. Rumor has... Read more »

Kind-hearted Elderly Passenger Lends Her Pillow to a Service Dog to Make Him Feel Comfortable

It is very heartwarming to witness a kind gesture strangers do to animals, such as an elderly lady offering her pillow to a service dog during a flight. TikTok user, @munchiethelizardking recently... Read more »

Stray Dog Eats Rocks and Twigs to Survive on the Streets but Gets a Second Chance at Life

So many stray dogs struggle to survive wandering the streets. They would go on for days without eating proper food, and the scraps they find are usually not enough to satisfy their... Read more »

Firefighter Who Delivered a Single Mother’s Baby Adopts Her After 2 Days

Adoption has become common nowadays for couples who no longer can conceive their own child. It also gives hope to children who need a new home when their biological parents can’t tend... Read more »