5-year-old hungry boy calls 911 to order a Happy Meal and an officer helps deliver the ’emergency’ meal

It was definitely not the usual kind of 911 emergency call when a 5-year-old hungry boy named Charlie, called them to order a Happy Meal on October 30. “Hi, is this McDonald’s?”,... Read more »

A Pregnant Woman and Her Family Visit a Cemetery to Find a Unique Name for Her Baby Girl and Sparked Controversy Among Netizens

In most cultures, a cemetery is hallowed ground and should be respected. Additionally, most people fear disturbing the deceased. However, a woman and her family recently visited a graveyard to find a... Read more »

A Young Woman Married a Tycoon from the Middle East Regardless of the Objections of Her Parents

Love knows no boundaries, and it should not be deprived of people bound by fate. Also, love knows no culture or race. A young woman from Chengdu Sichuan, a city in China,... Read more »

A Man Selling Coffee and Grilling Cuttlefish in Thailand is a Keanu Reeves Lookalike and Has Become an Internet Sensation

A man in Thailand, who bears a strong resemblance to Hollywood action star, Keanu Reeves, is brewing coffee, selling grilled cuttlefish, and washing dishes with vendors on a sidewalk. He has instantly... Read more »

The Most Romantic Marriage Proposal Onboard! An Airline Pilot Asks His Stewardess Girlfriend’s Hand in Marriage While Onboard the Flight to Kraków, Poland

In April, a video of a romantic marriage proposal was shared on LOT Polish Airlines’ Facebook page. On board the Warsaw-Kraków flight, LO 3905, Captain Konrad Hanc, the pilot of the flight,... Read more »

A Husky is Deemed a Hero When She Found a Newborn Baby Left Wrapped in Blankets in a Park

Dogs will always be “man’s best friend.” They are pure-hearted creatures born to love and protect. It was proven when a Husky named “Hel” found an abandoned hours-old baby in a park... Read more »

Saudi Arabian Airline Returns to Airport of Origin When a Female Passenger Realizes She Left Her Baby at the Terminal

A few months after a baby is born, parents are eager to take their babies on their first vacation, even if it means taking a plane to their destination. It is every... Read more »

Brave Dog Jumps Into the Water and Successfully Saves Its Feline Friend

Dogs and cats have always been known to be “mortal enemies.” The truth is that they can co-exist. In the modern world, pet owners have been training these species to get along.... Read more »

Animal Shelter in Alabama Saved a Homing Pigeon and Found Its Hometown is 4000 miles away

It is the benefit of our feathered animal friends that fly… literally. Most of them hibernate with their families when seasons change. Our feathered friends take advantage of their ability to fly... Read more »

Several Students Who Graduated from High School Visited Their Retired Kindergarten Teacher at Her Home and Netizens were Touched

In Preschool, Kindergarten is the level wherein the most important stages of progress occur in children. At a young age, they are taught to develop an understanding of the importance of making... Read more »