Brave Dog Jumps Into the Water and Successfully Saves Its Feline Friend

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Animal Shelter in Alabama Saved a Homing Pigeon and Found Its Hometown is 4000 miles away

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UPS Delivery Woman Decides to Take In Pit Bull After His Owner Passed Away

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Scarlett Johansson Goes on a The Dodo-Sponsored “Dream Date” with a Senior Dog, which Touched the Hearts of Netizens Around the Globe

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Instinctively, It is Easy to Spot the Difference Between a Dog Owner and a Person Who Does Not Own a Dog

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Owner of Elderly Buffalo Rushes Back to His Hometown to Be With Her for One Last Time

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Luxury Store Saleswoman Marries a Prince from Belgium and Becomes the First Chinese Princess in His Country

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Wealthy Qatari Prince Lived a Life of Luxury While Studying in Los Angeles and Lived for Weeks in a Hotel from the Movie Pretty Woman

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Keanu Reeves Sports a Shorter Hairstyle Today and Bids Farewell to His Signature Long Hair for 10 Years

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