Introducing: BARK Air, an Airline Made Specially for Dogs

Sinchew Daily reported that the newest airline made especially for dogs, “Bark Air,” is owned by a dog lover who has been working on the idea for over a decade. It recently... Read more »

Husky Owner Discovered Her Dog Befriended a Deer When She Came Home After 3 Days

In late December 2018, a woman’s beloved female Siberian Husky went missing. She searched the woods for days but to no avail. The dog returned after a few days as nothing happened.... Read more »

A Retired Police Dog Cries Upon Seeing Her Former Handler and Touches the Internet’s Hearts

Dogs will always be a “man’s best friend.” They always remember people who took them in and cared for them for years. A retired German Shepherd served the police force for many... Read more »

Excited Shelter Dog Shakes Hands with the Staff Before Leaving with Its New Owner

Lately, society has been encouraging people to adopt pets from the shelter. These poor beings have mostly been abandoned by their owners in places where they can never find their way back... Read more »

A Grandmother Initially Disliked Stray Cats at Home but Had a Change of Heart After Feeling Their Devotion to Owners

Once, a young man brought a stray cat home. When his grandmother realized what he had done, she sent it back outside and let it go. She is opposed to having cats... Read more »

A Woman Ironing Clothes Near the Window Senses Someone Often Watching Her… Until She Found Out Who It Was

Have you ever felt someone was watching you or felt an unseen entity in the room with you? Perhaps you can trust your sixth sense at times like these. A netizen shared... Read more »

A Kind-hearted Administrator of a Community Installed Sheds as Temporary Shelters for Stray Dogs During the Rainy Season

A Thai community administrator loves to help stray animals. One day, the caretaker of Muang Thong Thani, a district in Bangkok, Thailand, had a brilliant idea to help stray animals shelter from... Read more »

Thousands of Blue Transparent Marine Creatures are Washed Ashore on California Beaches, Which Make People Curious About These Sea Animals

Nature is amazing! With millions of undiscovered creatures in the middle of the ocean, it is mesmerizing to see them washed ashore. However, not all marine creatures are meant to be touched.... Read more »

Black Bears Enjoy a Swan Boat Ride in a Lake that Suddenly Formed After Heavy Rains and Zoo Visitors are Amused

Believe it or not, black bears are as playful as humans, too. They can be naughty sometimes. A zoo in the UK where these black bears reside discovered that a lake suddenly... Read more »

A Goose Underwent Surgery on Her Abdomen, and the Father Stood By Her Side at the Veterinary Hospital for Support

In the animal world, the bond between a mother and her baby is strong, similar to human relationships. Fathers are very protective of their children, which also applies to the animal kingdom.... Read more »