Happy Samoyed Puppy Relaxes with His Owner Outside a Starbucks Coffee Shop

Lately, we notice people relaxing at coffee shops with their best friend – a “furry” best friend, specifically. They would usually stay in the outdoor area of the restaurant, perhaps for the... Read more »

A Woman Gets the Most Memorable Tattoo on Her Arm as a Remembrance of Her Beloved Dog That Passed Away

Nowadays, many people tattoo their beloved pets on the most conspicuous part of their bodies, especially after their pets have passed away. Most of them claim that it is a reminder of... Read more »

Zoo Visitors in China are Enraged to Discover 2 Pandas in the Exhibit are Chow-Chow Dogs Dyed Black and White

At a zoo in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, 2 “strange-looking pandas” were unveiled on May 1. Their fur was black and white, and their appearance was, no doubt, similar to a panda. However,... Read more »

18-Inch Rat as Big as a Small Dog was Killed by a Man Whose Home is Constantly Plagued by the Vermins

A British man’s home has been constantly being plagued by rats. For many years, he has been battling to get rid of them all. One day, he finally caught the “King rat,”... Read more »

A Dedicated Samoyed Service Dog Melted Hearts on the Internet by Guiding a Disabled Young Woman

Samoyed breeds are known as the “Smiling Angels” due to their gentle nature and bright smiles that touch people’s hearts. They may be cute but tend to be lazy at times. Hence,... Read more »

A Japanese Woman Raises an Emu and Shares Their Daily Lives on Social Media that Amazes Netizens

Many people love having pets at home. As of late, even exotic animals allowed as pets are becoming a trend among animal lovers, such as iguanas and the like. However, a woman... Read more »

Lonely Blind Dog Left Next to a Busy Street is Saved and Given a Second Chance at a Happy Life

All dogs wish for infinite love from their human parents. We enjoy seeing the ultimate happiness in their eyes when they are filled with love and affection from us. Their joy is... Read more »

A 2.2kg. Rabbit was Asked by the Vet to Lose Weight, but Urges Her Owner to Provide More Feeds

A rabbit who lives with her owner in Yilan County, Taiwan, has an irrepressible appetite. She grew so big and weighs 2.2 kilograms (about 4.85 lbs.) The rabbit, named “Meng Meng,” has... Read more »

After Waiting for Over 1,000 Days in the Shelter, A Pittie Cries Tears of Joy as He Finds a Forever Home

Sadly, some dogs take a long time to find their forever homes. Although many people say everything happens at the right time, no dog at the shelter should stay that long without... Read more »

Video Footage of a Dog Left Behind by His Owner in the Middle of a Highway and Chasing His Owner’s Car Breaks the Internet Hearts

A heartbreaking scene recently occurred in the middle of a highway in California, USA. A bull terrier was deliberately abandoned in the middle of a busy street by his owner. The owner... Read more »