31yo Man Invites His 89yo Ailing Lone Neighbor to Live with Him

Everyone believes that kindness begins at home. Gradually, we begin spreading kindness to those near us, may they be our closest neighbors or a circle of friends. Gestures such as respecting their boundaries or extending a helping hand when they need it the most are perfect examples.

A 31-year-old American actor/singer invited his ailing elderly neighbor to live in his home, taking kindness to a new level.

In 2015, when Chris Salvatore moved into his apartment in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, he saw an elderly woman looking out the window across his room. She was always ready to greet him, and Chris found himself an unexpected friendship with his neighbor. Norma Cook lives on the same floor as Chris but across the hall from Chris’ apartment.

Soon, the 2 neighbors became close friends, sharing happy moments together. Chris began visiting her regularly when he realized that Norma lived alone with her cat. The last he could do was spend more time with her.

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Chris loved to share their photos on his social media. He posted photos of them enjoying the holidays together and videos of their “pizza night” while eating pizza on Norma’s bed, among others. Chris admitted that Norma usually steals the show, gaining more likes than his own posts.

Everything was going well with this lovely, although unlikely, pair until situations took an unexpected turn when Norma was diagnosed with leukemia.

The bills began to pile up, and Chris resorted to social media for help. Instantly, he created a GoFundMe page to help with Norma’s hospital and health care expenses. Unexpectedly, the page accumulated over $30,000.00 of funds overnight!

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This proves that Norma is well-loved by people. Although they only know about her through Chris’ social media posts. She was filled with happiness when she discovered the good news. However, the funds soon ran out, and Chris had only one thing in mind to help Norma.

Chris invited Norma to live with him in his apartment. That way, she would not have to worry about utility bills. Additionally, he could look after her most of the time and be her personal caregiver. Some people believed that Norma was lucky to have Chris, but he claimed it was the other way around.

“As much as I’m here helping her, she’s helped me tremendously. It’s really brought me back to what’s important: family, love, human kindness,” he said in an interview with NBC News.

Norma is grateful that she had Chris to spend the rest of her days with.

Norma never wanted to be placed in a hospice or a home for the aged until she passed. After being hospitalized, she could not wait to get home and be with Chris and her cat. She had the perfect place to spend her days until her last breath – in the arms of someone who considered her a family member.

Sadly, Norma passed away after a few years, and Chris poured his heart out and expressed his feelings on a social media post. 😢

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“Perhaps Norma’s lasting legacy is that her story helped the world to see the true meaning of love. Norma reminded me that we all are created to love and all desire to be loved,” he wrote on his Instagram post.

Chris’ words are precise. It is a lesson we can all learn from.

Watch the heartwarming video of the lovely duo below:

Instagram posts credits: © Chris Salvatore @chrissalvatore

Screenshot images and Video credits: © NBC News/YouTube

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