Lavinia Valbonesi, the Wife of Ecuador’s President, Rose from Being an Internet Sensation to a First Lady and is Compared to Famous Female Celebrities

It is not surprising that the youngest First Lady of Ecuador has garnered thousands of fans. She has attracted the attention of the public with her outstanding beauty, intelligence, and alluring figure in photos that went viral on the internet. She is the people’s focus on every overseas visit. Before becoming the First Lady, she was working as a nutritionist and a model who has over 820,000 followers on Instagram.

26-year-old Lavinia Valbonesi is married to Daniel Noboa, the current president of Ecuador. She became the First Lady of Ecuador in 2023 and is currently the youngest First Lady in the world. Not only does her beauty stand out, but Lavinia is also elegant and has a fashionable charm that makes her popular among the people of her country.


First Lady Lavinia Valbonesi and her husband, President Daniel Noboa, got married in 2021. Since her husband’s campaign period, Lavinia’s voice has always been heard. She has also actively shared daily endeavors on social media to enhance her image to the public. At one instance, some fans in the crowd shouted, “Let Lavinia Valbonesi become first lady!” Her popularity among the public has surpassed Daniel Noboa, much to his surprise.


Lavinia has perfect fashionable taste, just like her idol, Princess Diana. She has perfect control of what she wears, may it be a formal dress or a simple suit. She has a noble and elegant dressing style. Additionally, Lavinia admits that Princess Diana is like the North Star to her!


Lavinia has a passion for healthy living. Before she became the First Lady, she worked as a clinical nutritionist. She also maintains a fitness center in Tampa, Florida. Additionally, Lavinia owns a healthy dining establishment, Green Deli, located in Guayaquil. As a nutritionist, she focused on weight loss, body composition, bodybuilding, and composing healthy diets for patients.


Not only is she beautiful and smart. Lavinia is also a model and an internet sensation. She has been actively sharing her daily endeavors on social media since she was 16 years old. She has garnered over 820,000 followers on Instagram and over 210,000 followers on TikTok. Lavinia has endorsed many beauty brands in the past.

It is no secret that Lavinia loves fitness to maintain her figure. Her photos of wearing 2-piece bathing suits and gym attire have become trending on the internet. She has distinct abdominal muscles that most women envy.

First Lady Lavinia Valbonesi is a mother of 2 children. She is in such good shape and physically fit that anybody who learns of this is surprised that she has maintained her lean figure.

Ángela Lavinia Valbonesi Acosta was born in Chone, Ecuador, on April 8, 1998. She loves water sports, too. Her photos at the beach and wearing 2-piece bathing suits are posted on her Instagram page. She looks stunning in every photo! A true model to every woman.

“Healthy living requires perseverance and discipline,” said First Lady Lavinia Valbonesi.

Lavinia shared that she has not always been physically fit. She had body problems when she was 15 years old. It was not until she started exercising that her body gradually improved. She generously shared photos from her early days of exercise to her pregnancy stages on Instagram. “The body is wise. Yes, it’s like relationships. You get what you get, and if you give it the best, it will turn out to be the best.” Lavinia said. “It takes a lot of perseverance and discipline to maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

Images credits: © Lavinia V. De Noboa @laviniavalbonesi_/Instagram

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