A St. Bernard Puppy Weighs 50 Pounds at 3 Months Old and is Deemed One of the Heaviest Dogs Worldwide

A female owner of a St. Bernard puppy shared what a 50-pound dog looks like at 3 months old. Most puppies are easy to carry at that age, but the woman struggled just to carry the overweight puppy. She owns 2 St. Bernard dogs, and her friends tease her that she lives with 2 bears.

Maggie Matthews of Pennsylvania, USA, often shares the daily life of her 2 Saint Bernard dogs on TikTok. In February, Maggie shared a video of Brandy when she was 3 months old. She was already 50 pounds at the time! Maggie struggled to carry her but emphasized that she was only a puppy. Although Brandy was big for her age, she still had the innocent expression of a baby.



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♬ original sound – Maggie Matthews

Aside from the puppy, Maggie also had an adult St. Bernard dog named Hank. He is 185 pounds. She attempted to make him stand, but he refused. She wanted to make him stand on his hind legs to show comparison with Brandy, but Hank could not stand on his own. Maggie struggled with all her strength to make him stand but had to put him down again since he was too heavy. The video clip ended with Maggie catching her breath.



Replying to @SilverKnight I thought I deleted the whole video but I didn’t 🤣 Hank is 185lbs (or 84kg in non freedom units) and pls don’t comment on my form 😅 #saintbernard #dogsoftiktok

♬ original sound – Maggie Matthews

A regular 3-month-old St. Bernard usually weighs 37-48 pounds, but Brandy weighed 50 pounds, which was considered overweight at that age. Additionally, Brandy was still at the puppy stage and would not be considered an adult until she reached 2 years old.

Maggie shared in another video that most of her followers asked if they had a big house since there are 2 St. Bernard dogs living with them. She specially prepared a large room exclusively for them, which was accessible to the backyard where they could come and go as they pleased. In another video, Maggie laughed and mentioned that she works at an animal hospital. When she encountered German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers at the clinic, she thought they were small compared to Brandy and Hank.


Hank (left) and Brandy.

“That’s because I live with two bears,” she joked. “These dogs are normal-sized dogs.”

Screenshot images and Video credits: © Maggie Matthews @magmatthews_/TikTok

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