Zoo Visitors in China are Enraged to Discover 2 Pandas in the Exhibit are Chow-Chow Dogs Dyed Black and White

At a zoo in Taizhou, Jiangsu Province, 2 “strange-looking pandas” were unveiled on May 1. Their fur was black and white, and their appearance was, no doubt, similar to a panda. However, visitors noticed they looked like dogs and certainly walked like them. Their doubts turned to anger when they read the enclosure description that said: “Panda Dogs.” Some people claim that dyeing the dogs’ fur to look like pandas for tourist attraction is false advertising.


Hereof, the inspection team of the Market Supervision Bureau of Taizhou Pharmaceutical High-Tech Zone stated that the sign situated at the enclosure was not false advertising. On May 7, a reporter from online news media, The Paper, contacted Taizhou Zoo. A staff member claimed that the 2 “panda dogs” were unveiled by the zookeepers, and the 2 dogs were dyed black and white to look like pandas when they were unveiled. However, other details were unclear.


➜ Here is what the description read on the enclosure, and netizens posted photos of them on various social media sites:

Name: Panda Dog
Introduction: These Pandas are not specific purebred dogs, but a pet dog that looks like a panda. This name is usually used to describe dogs that are trimmed into a specific style or are born with a hair color distribution similar to that of a bear. Their typical characteristics are white hair with black markings, especially around the eye circles and ears, imitating the giant panda’s facial features.


After learning this, netizens ridiculed: “How can these 2 dogs look like pandas?” Some netizens were enraged and said the park used 2 Chow Chow dogs to pose as pandas in the zoo, which was false propaganda.

An inspection team member of the Market Supervision Bureau of Taizhou Medical High-tech Zone stated: “The zoo also marked it and explained that it is a kind of dog. It seems to make up for the regret that we do not have giant pandas in Taizhou City because if the qualifications and levels of the zoo are not enough, giant pandas cannot be introduced. Giant pandas have relatively high requirements for the breeding environment. This is a marketing method for zoos. It is their responsibility.”

Therefore, the “Panda Dog” label is not false advertising.

Taizhou Zoo staff members said that the concept of the “Panda Dog” came from the internet. Chow Chow dogs look like panda bears when they are dyed black and white. Regarding a netizen’s joke that stated, “I borrowed it from a pet store, and I still have to return it after the holiday,” the staff member explained, “No, it was specially brought in.” As to whether to continue exhibiting as “panda dog” or as chow chows, she said she didn’t know yet, and the specific decision would be made by the leaders.

Some zoo visitors revealed that tickets purchased at the entrance are inclusive of the “Panda Dog” enclosure visit. An adult ticket costs US$2.76 (about CN¥20.00). Children under 1.4 meters are free, and children over 1.4 meters are charged US$1.38 (about CN¥10.00). Currently, the 2 “Panda Dogs” were lovingly given the names “Little Dumplings Soup” and “Little Dried Silk”, respectively.

According to online news media, veterinarians claim, “The risk of pet hair dyeing is the same as that of human hair dyeing, and there is a risk of damaging the hair, skin, and hair follicles. From this perspective, it is not recommended. Even if you want to look the best, go to a professional place to do it.”

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