2 Dogs Playing Out in the Backyard Brought Home Dozens of Snowballs Attached to Their Fur

Oh! How lovely it is to play in the snow! People who live in countries that encounter snow during winter love to experience its wonder the first day it falls. They wear their best thick suits to keep them warm, make snowmen in their yard, and play snowball fights with family and friends, among other snow activities. Indoors, they prepare hot cocoa or coffee to keep themselves warm. However, in tropical countries, encountering snow is left to the imagination.

Not only humans enjoy the snow, but the furry kids, too! They are more excited than the human kids once they step out into the snow on the ground. In Japan, a local citizen went out to play in their backyard with her 2 Dachshunds. Instantly, the 2 dogs ran to the snowy ground, rolled, played, chased each other, and even dug up the snow in strange ways.

However, after a fun day of playing, the 2 dogs came back to their owner, and she noticed something unusual. Various sizes of snowballs were attached to their fur! They looked like snow dogs. 😆 (People with Trypophobia, beware. 😆)

The furry kids did not seem to notice the snow dumplings attached to them and hurriedly ran to their owner. With their cute faces and eager looks in their eyes, they seem to tell their owner: “It’s so fun! Let’s go out tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, okay?”

After checking, the owner noticed that the heat from the dogs’ bodies melted the snow attached to them. However, the temperature outside was so low that the melted snow turned itself into snowballs again.

At first glance, they look like several strings of white rice balls hanging on the dogs. Netizens enjoyed viewing the hilarious photos of the 2 furry kids and commented:

“Mom, you can make red bean soup to eat with it.”

“Aren’t they heavy?”

“A little gift for Mama.”

“It’s fun in the snow!”

“Natural white scarf. 😆

Images credits: © WorldNews_AmarinTV34 @amarinworldnews/Twitter

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