$145M Lottery Winner has Given Half of Her Winnings to Charities, Family, and Friends in Need

Imagine yourself winning the lottery one day…

What if… one day, you woke up and found out that you had won the lottery jackpot? It would be the most awesome feeling, and you know from that day on, your life will change forever, especially if you realize that you won over US$145 million! Most people assume that it is impossible to win the jackpot. However, some lucky people have won over the years, and one of them is 55-year-old Frances Connolly, a former social worker and teacher.

Back in 2019, Frances won the lottery jackpot from EuroMillions. Her winnings were worth US$$145 million (about GB£115 million). The kind-hearted woman generously shared half of her prize with her chosen charity and with some family members and friends in need instead of spending her winnings on herself.

Frances and her 57-year-old husband, Paddy, agreed to choose a charity to help every year from the money they received from winning the lottery. She has become “addicted” to helping people in need, and giving back to them is something that the couple truly enjoyed. They already have set a budget to give to the charity until 2032.

The couple have set up 2 charities of their own. One was named after Frances’ late mother, Kathleen Graham. The other was called PFC Trust, located in Hartlepool, England. PFC Trust supports refugees, the elderly, and local young caregivers. Other fundraiser events are held for both foundations to earn more for those in need of their help.

Frances has already given away over $75 million since winning the lottery jackpot. Upon winning, she and her husband have given big amounts of their winnings to chosen family members and close friends based on the list that Frances made, if ever she won. She has also thought about adding more funds to her chosen charity. Fortunately, her wish to win and give back has manifested.

Frances once joked that her husband may be worried about how much she has given away to charity since she admits that she does not track her donations. She has found happiness helping people in need and she said that she has become “addicted” to giving away some of her winnings. She is fortunate to have won the lottery which gave her the chance to give back and do what she loves.

“It gives you a buzz and it’s addictive,” Frances said. “I’m addicted to it now.”

Before winning the lottery jackpot, Frances was fond of helping people in need, and giving back was one of her many traits. She always finds ways to help, not only through donations but doing services as well. She has spent most of her time doing charity work. She has already been doing services for charity as early as 9 years old. Her first volunteer work was for the St. John Ambulance. It is a charity “dedicated to the teaching and practice of first aid and the support of the national emergency response system in England.”

When she was still a student in Belfast, she helped set up an A.I.D.S. helpline.

Although the couple won the lottery jackpot, they did not spend so much on their own properties. The most expensive property they have purchased with their winnings was a 6-bedroom home in County Durham that has seven acres of land. They have donated most of the money they won to charities. Paddy drives a second-hand Aston Martin and still continues to run his plastic businesses.

The kindness and selflessness that Frances has provided is very inspiring to many people. Although she is aware that her efforts are not enough to solve poverty completely, she finds various ways of improving the foundation and believes that many people can benefit from it.

Here is a video of Frances and Paddy’s inspiring story:

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