Couple Unearths a Stash of Cash in Their Front Yard, which Dates Back to the Time of the Great Depression

We always thought that what transpires in movies never happens in real life. Movie scenes wherein pirates bury money or other treasures and come back for them in the future were created out of the imaginations of film writers. However, accidental treasure hunting really did happen in real life to a couple in South Jersey, USA, when they discovered a stash of money dating back almost a hundred years in their front yard.

If this story were hearsay, you would never believe it!

Although it seemed impossible for people to find buried time capsules in their own properties, it was the kind of day that an unexpected discovery occurred to a couple in July 2022. Rich Gilson and his wife Suzanne found something interesting in their front yard after a dig.

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One day in July, the Gilsons decided to dig out their front yard, unaware they were about to find an old treasure in the form of ancient money. While digging, Rich assumed he hit root balls that formed into glass.

Digging further until it was completely in view, the objects he assumed were root balls were surprisingly old money wrapped in burlap. The 2 burlap balls that had been inside a glass jar that has since gone broken contained rolled up $10’s and $20’s that totalled to $1000. The money bills had the year “1934” on them.

In 1934, the Great Depression would have reached its peak, proving how treasures like this would have been important to them back then. In today’s dollars, the money the Gilsons unearthed would be worth so much. In 1934, $2,000 worth of bills would have been a massive $40,000 in today’s dollars.

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When Suzanne researched the value of $2,000 in 1934, she was surprised by what she learned. It was worth around $40,000.00! Why would someone bury this much money? Who were they?

Initially, Rich thought it may have something connected to an illegal activity back then. He soon learned the truth. The Gilsons managed to uncover the truth, and there was indeed a story behind the buried money.

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His name was James Dempsey. He was the former owner of the property, and he had instructed his daughter to wrap the rolled money in burlap, place it inside a glass jar, and then bury it in the front yard.

Initially, Rich suspected that the money was a haul from a bank robbery. The money actually belonged to a hardworking man who wanted to hide his belongings during the Great Depression. However, the family forgot where it was buried and could no longer find the money’s hiding place.

Although the sum of money found was not much, the story behind it being buried and found made it indeed very special. The Gilsons said they will not be spending it anytime soon.

“It’s a lot of money, but it’s not life-changing obviously. I think the story is more interesting. The history of the fact that this fella did this 90-something years ago. People asked, ‘What are you going to do with it?’ Well, I’m certainly not going to spend it.” Rich told 6abc News.

Watch the video below and see how the Gilsons discover a treasure almost 100 years old!

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