Grandson Vows to Take Care of His Grandma to Prevent His Family from Bringing Her to a Home for Senior Citizens

TikTok videos are trending online nowadays, and Chris Punsalan’s channel has 1.9 million subscribers. Chances are, you have seen 1 or 2 of his trending videos. However, his content is not the usual funny clips, food vlogs, or trendy dances. Most of his videos are about his sweet grandmother and their daily activities.

29-year-old Chris, a musician and content producer from Henderson, Nevada, became a full-time caretaker of his grandmother. He has always wanted to be a popular YouTuber, experimenting with various styles and creating new content. However, the videos he shared on the streaming site showing his sweet grandmother were the clips that claimed him to be successful.

Chris and his family were originally from Tarlac, a province in the Luzon area of the Philippines. They later moved to the United States.

When she was younger, Chris’s grandmother was an elementary school teacher in the Philippines for more than 2 decades. When she was 88 years old in 2015, the family could not decide whether to hire a full-time caregiver for her or to bring “Lola” into the home for the aged. Chris vowed to take care of her and become her full-time caregiver.

When they are together in Chris’s TikTok videos, they both speak the “Kapampangan” dialect, a local language from their hometown.

“Lola” means grandma in the Filipino language. You often hear his grandmother say “Apo” to Chris, which means “grandchild”. Chris could not bear seeing his grandma being sent to a home for senior people and could not imagine her being left in a home full of strangers. So, he vowed to take care of her at home.

Chris was aware that tending to his “Lola” would need his undivided attention, love, and patience. He was ready and had no regrets. It was not easy and taking care of her required lots of attention and patience. Chris was all in. When he started uploading videos of himself with his grandma, netizens immediately saw their incredible connection and how strong their bond was. He started uploading photos of his grandma in 2014 and has been vlogging since 21019.

His followers on social media noticed how soft-spoken his grandmother is, and she is often heard thanking Chris for taking good care of her. She would often ask Chris to bring her a rosary. Their usual vlogs show how Chris prepares Grandma’s bed, putting all her pillows in their proper places so she’d feel comfortable, bringing her a glass of water, and telling her that he loves her.

There are also bigger tasks that Chris tackles, such as explaining how they prep for bath time, how he explains to her what’s going on outside, and even how he changes her nappies. In an interview with a local Philippine channel, he admitted that there are times when reality sets in, and he feels afraid when it happens.

Due to his grandmother’s advanced age, there are times when she would ask him who he is and if they are related. This is when his nervousness sets in. However, Chris has so much love and care for his grandma that he goes the extra mile to ensure she is content, looks after her needs, and knows how much he loves her.

Every moment with our beloved family members is precious, and we should take care of them and cherish each precious minute while we still can.

Watch their daily vlogs on TikTok, and don’t forget to subscribe to Chris’ YouTube channel.

Watch the video below to witness how Chris and his grandma share a strong bond!


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