Curious Stray Puppy Wanders Into a Naval Base and Finds Himself a New Owner He Wished For

Stray dogs and cats deserve to have a happy forever home. With that said, many people intend to adopt and make their wishes come true. However, not all strays are fortunate enough to be provided with a happy family. C’est la vie!

A pup with positive intentions was born with luck on his side. It was as though the adorable fur baby knew the Law of Attraction: “Pawsitive thoughts bring pawsitive results.” He would not let anything get in his way of making his wish come true: to find himself a human. He knew this was his destiny.

With pure confidence and courage that everyone hoped they had, a little puppy bravely wandered into a Naval base and, without any doubts, ended up with a hooman who provided him a forever home!

What was lovable Griffin’s intention? To enter the Naval base and find himself a human. We should all learn from this role model!

He decided that the life of a stray dog was not good for him, so this adorable pooch just waltzed into the scene for a look around. The 6-month-old pup was born and raised on the streets, and he knew from the beginning that it was going to be a harsh life living as a stray.

Once he had entered the base, all his dreams unfolded.

The base’s Commander was surprised to see the pup, named Griffin, approaching him. In his heart, he knew the pup was destined to be inside the base. After all, it is not every day you see an adorable and confident doggy on a military base.

“A U.S. Naval Commander saw the little dog and immediately recognized he wouldn’t survive long alone in such a dangerous environment; scooping the pup up into his arms as he was reminded of his unit’s motto “Those who arrive alive, leave alive”, and he knew it had to apply to this little soul too,” Paws Of War, a non-profit organization, reported on their Facebook page.

When the news finally spread around the base that there was a puppy that arrived, everyone hurried to meet the little fella. They were delighted to know that there was a pup with so much bravery and entered the facility full of courageous and strong men.

Little Griffin was not afraid of the big guys in their army uniforms and the guns they carried. As a matter of fact, he instantly won their hearts, which made him a tiny hero. The Commander, who preferred to stay unknown, was originally from Maryland and did not want to leave Griffin at the base while they were deployed. He knew his family back home would be very excited to take him in.

The tiny pup became family to everyone in the base and was the light of their daily lives. Soon, little Griffin’s wish came true. He found himself a human and a forever home, a life he deserves. ❤️

A non-profit organization, Paws of War, assisted in transporting Griffin to Maryland and into his new forever home. Everyone is grateful for their support and donations for making Griffin’s wish come true. They are also an organization that provides service dogs to veterans.

Soon, he was reunited with the Commander, the first person Griffin approached and did not hesitate to provide a forever home to the precious pup.

Today, Griffin can protect his family and serve them, just like his hooman father does for their country.

Images credits: © Paws of War/Facebook

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