A Veterinarian Warns Never to Flush Pet Feces Down the Toilet Due to Terrifying Consequences

As a pet owner, we like to keep our humble abode clean and a safe place for our beloved furbabies. These adorable creatures would defecate anywhere inside our houses, and we ensure immediate clean-up for no-foul-smelling homes. Additionally, we dispose of their feces the same way we get rid of human waste… by flushing them into the toilet.

Recently, a British veterinarian posted a video on a streaming site and warned pet owners not to dispose of pet feces by flushing them into toilet bowls. According to him, animal feces are different from human waste, and flushing them can cause terrible consequences.

A veterinarian named Ben (@Ben the Vet) said that a roundworm parasite called Toxocara burrows in animal feces, and these parasites can endure high temperatures and harsh conditions in the final stages of wastewater management. Although adults are not easily infected with these parasites, children are more prone to acquiring diseases caused by these worms, such as fever, fatigue, cough, rash, and body pain. These symptoms can be contracted while children play in areas with animal feces nearby. The same goes for infected animal feces being flushed into toilet bowls.

Research and experiments showed results of diminishing cognitive skills and IQ in children infected with the Toxocara parasite. Therefore, pet owners must send their beloved furbabies to the vet regularly for “deworming” to reduce the chances of parasite infections in our pets.

The Association for the Protection of Animals of the Republic of China recommends disposing of animal manure by properly placing them in tied-up disposable bags and throwing them into garbage bins. In Taiwan, disposable bags with animal feces are incinerated to prevent the excrement from contaminating groundwater rivers affecting the ecology and causing environmental damage.


According to Anglian water, you shouldnt flush your pet’s poo down the toilet! Have you ever done this?? #LearnOnTikTok #toilet #vegetarian #dogsoftiktok


Screenshot images credits: © Ben the Vet @ben.the.vet/TikTok

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