Lucky Dog Flies Comfortably in Business Class with Her Owner, and Netizens Are Amused

In this modern age, people have been keeping the habit of bringing their furbabies along for the ride anywhere possible. These lovable pets enjoy every minute of it, especially on a road trip. However, if you are planning to take them in public transportation, you will have to abide by the pet rules and regulations of the company, so with flying on airplanes.

A woman shared her flight experience with her beloved Dachshund dog on social media. If you will notice, the dog did not stay in a kennel inside a cargo hold, but on a Business Class section of the plane with her hooman mom. The netizen shared photos wherein the dog was sleeping comfortably in his seat. She looked at peace and very cute. Netizens did not know whether to envy the owner or the dog. 😆

4-year-old Fifi is a fortunate and happy long-haired dachshund. She felt very relaxed in her seat in Business Class, and when she felt sleepy, she would lie on her back, and a quilt would be her blanket. Fifi’s mom admits that she is not just a pet or a service dog but treats Fifi as her own daughter. This is the dog’s first time flying, and her mom wanted to give her the best airplane experience ever!

Fortunately, Fifi met the weight requirements to be allowed inside the plane cabin. Her mother only needed a total of 8 kilograms, including hand luggage and an outing bag. They flew via Turkish Airlines from Hong Kong to Paris with a layover in Istanbul, Turkey. The woman claimed that there were no pet-friendly lounges in Hong Kong. However, she was surprised that the flight attendants at the Turkish Airlines were all dog lovers and entertained the happy pooch during the flight. Additionally, there was also a pet-friendly lounge and a pet toilet during the layover at Istanbul Airport. ❤️

The woman’s followers on social media were overjoyed for the traveling duo and admitted to feeling envious of them:

“She’s so cute! All pets should be able to travel like this!”

“Oh no, this dog has a better life than me. I have never flown in business first class. Look! Look how comfortable she is! OMG!”

“Most airlines don’t even allow our pets to sit on our laps. They have to stay in the cargo hold. This airline is awesome!”

“I want it! Book a flight with Turkish Airlines now!”

“It’s my dream to be able to fly with my furry baby!”

Watch on Instagram. Click HERE.

Stop-over at Istanbul, Turkey:

Watch on Instagram. Click HERE.

Images and Instagram posts credits: © Helen & Fifi @fifilittledarling

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