A Young Lamb Suddenly Passes Away While Foraging, and a Dutiful Sheepdog Carries It Back to the Group

A hardworking sheepdog guides a flock almost every day, and the group can consist of a hundred sheep that must stay within the circle when they are grazing. These responsible canine guides ensure that not a single sheep would go astray. They are alert and instantly run to guide those who leave the group by leading them back to the path. However, unexpected situations are inevitable, even during a daily routine.

In mainland China, a sheepdog was at work and was inspecting each sheep in the flock when he discovered that one of the younger lambs had unfortunately passed away so suddenly. The dutiful dog tried to wake up the little lamb but to no avail. Instinctively, the sheepdog carried the lifeless lamb back to the group. After gently laying it down, he sniffed the unconscious body, trying to realize what could have happened.

From a video shared by a passing photographer, you can see a sheepdog carrying the lifeless body of a young lamb in its mouth and gently laying it on the ground near the flock. The lamb unfortunately died during a grazing process. However, it is unknown how and why the lamb suddenly passed away. The sheepdog attempted multiple times to wake it up but to no avail. With no one in sight to ask for help, the dog could only stay beside the dead lamb until his owner arrived.

Watch on Weibo. Click HERE.

The dedication of the dog to his job and the flock moved many netizens. After viewing the video posted on Weibo, many followers reacted and left messages:

“Perhaps the sheepdog did not realize immediately that the sheep has died.”

“Loyal sheepdog!”

“I hope you can live the rest of your life safely and not be attacked by wolves.”

“The lambs are on their way to grazing, and the sheepdogs are great.”

Screenshot images credits: © Sheep dung eggs on the prairie/Weibo

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