A Baby Capybara Enjoys a Short Ride on a Tortoise’s Back for a Minute Before Going For Its Meal, which was Only 1 Meter Away

A video has been circulating the internet that shows a baby capybara standing on top of a giant Sulcata tortoise while it slowly moves around the enclosure. The patient little capybara stood balanced on top of a mild-mannered turtle, and their videos that were captured on a camera phone were shared on social media. The video clips instantly went viral and have amused many netizens.

From the videos uploaded by TikTok user @capygooglegogi, you can see the little capybara enjoying a ride on top of a Sulcata tortoise while it moves very slowly around the enclosure. The calm little capybara seems to have fun riding at a very slow pace. After finally arriving at its destination, which was only 1 meter away from where they started, the capybara alighted from the tortoise and had a meal at the feeding area.


♬ Very cute melody by marimba tone(39813) – Mitsu Sound


♬ Tokyo Drift – Xavier Wulf

The videos were also shared on the Facebook fan page “Capybara Memes”, attracting thousands of followers to react and leave comments on the hilarious clips:

“The tortoise has a good temper, but tortoises usually would bite someone. 😆

“The capybara thought, ‘I’ll be there early…’”

“The turtle has no choice but to please its passenger.”

“Capybara: ‘It’s too slow, and I’m going to be late!’”

“What a cute combination of funny animals.”

“It’s very stable.”

“What a strong sense of balance! 😆 Hahaha!”

Screenshot images and Video credits: © CapyGooGleGoGi @capygooglegogi/TiktTok

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