Brave Dog Jumps Into the Water and Successfully Saves Its Feline Friend

Dogs and cats have always been known to be “mortal enemies.” The truth is that they can co-exist. In the modern world, pet owners have been training these species to get along. More families have dogs and cats living together in the same household. According to Laura Menchetti and others, over 60% of cats and dogs living in the same home play together and sleep beside each other.

Incidentally, one of the rare moments of interaction between a cat and a dog was caught on video. It showed a heartwarming reaction of a dog doing its best to save a feline friend who fell in the water. Seeing that the cat was in trouble, the dog found ways to get its friend to safety, even if it meant jumping into the water to save the cat.

Dog attempts to save its cat friend from drowning.

The video showed a cat that fell into the water and was struggling to get back on the plank. It was holding on to objects within reach at the moment. It was terrified and was looking for ways to get out of the water. However, a dog arrived, who seemed to be the cat’s friend. The dog seemed to offer its help to get the cat out.

Initially, the dog tried to pull the cat with its jaw but realized it was not possible. When the cat taps its face, gesturing for it to jump into the water and help it come to land, the dog obliges.

Dog jumps into the water to save the cat.

Soon, he was in the water with the cat, paddling while its feline friend climbed on its back and jumped on the plank. This gesture broke the myth about cats and dogs being sworn enemies. With a few attempts, the dog successfully got out of the water.

For a moment, the cat was still in shock when it got out of the water, trying to figure out what happened. She immediately recovered when another dog arrived and ran off together.

Cat jumps on land from the dog’s back.

The amazing rescue caught on video soon went viral on social media and touched the hearts of many animal lovers all over the globe. People were pleased to see a selfless dog that saved its feline friend from drowning. However, some wondered why the person recording the video did not intervene to save both animals when they were in the water.

Nevertheless, the cat is safe and off with another canine friend. Thanks to the bravery and selfless act of a dog that instinctively rushed to the scene to help. Even with not much social skills, the doggo had primal instincts. They are both out of danger and remain friends, for sure.

Screenshot images and Video credits: © Gabriele Corno @Gabriele_Corno/Twitter

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