An Excavator Operator’s Wish for a Good Friend Comes True When He Finds a Puppy at His Workplace

There is a saying that goes, “No man is an island. No one stands alone.” We all yearn to have that one special friend who would make our daily lives more enjoyable. However, it does not only have to be limited to such. The story of a hard-working excavator operator is a perfect example of a person who yearned for a good friend to spend time with and whose wish was instantly granted while he was at work.

While he was working on his machine, he noticed something making a soft noise under his feet. When he took a closer look, what greeted him brought him excitement. He knew from that moment on his life would never be the same and filled with boundless happiness.

An Excavator Operator gets a pleasant surprise.

Behind the chair he was sitting on was a small but sad puppy. The operator had no idea where he came from, but he instantly scooped the little being and brought him home. On the way, he bought some food for the puppy, which the little fella quickly consumed, as he was very hungry. Although the puppy was still a little scared, the man managed to gain a little trust from him with his small gesture.

Assuming it would make the puppy relax, the man took him for a walk. However, it was too overwhelming for him. They soon returned home, and the puppy immediately fell asleep in a small temporary house the man made for him. That evening, they both had a good night’s sleep. The next day, the man had to go to work and brought the puppy with him since he did not like the idea of leaving him alone at home.

The puppy was covered in dust.

The poor puppy would still shake in fear when he lost sight of his hooman. However, the man could see that the little fella would relax a little bit and feel comfortable when he would check on the pup. The operator took him to a vet after his shift, and the puppy was vaccinated. Additionally, the doctors examined him thoroughly. Fortunately, the puppy had no serious health problems, so the man took him home.

The man was very happy and satisfied with the puppy’s good health, but the tiny being still had a sad look. However, when he learned that the man decided to adopt him, his sadness instantly faded. From that moment on, a smile gradually came back to his cute face.

The puppy was thoroughly examined by the doctors.
The puppy in a tiger costume.

After his adoption, the man gave him the name Bruce. The puppy was happier each day, and they both were a blessing to each other. Every day, the man would bring him to work, and he would stay in a small cage since the man was afraid of losing him when he wandered off. He would bathe Bruce every day and had to learn how to deworm him. The man loved Bruce so much and gave him the same food he ate.

Bruce was growing fast into a big boy 3 months after they met. Although he normally had a pensive temperament, he never took off the smile on his face and was always full of positive energy.

Bruce with his tongue out, being mischievous.

Soon, he became mischievous and had boundless curiosity. He never got tired of exploring everything around him. When he finally got to meet other dogs, he was specifically scared when he met bigger dogs for the first time. Over time, he learned to build his confidence.

While Bruce was slowly learning about his surroundings, the man learned more about him. Aside from learning how to properly bathe and deworm him, he noticed that Bruce loved to play in the sand the most. He would always bring him to his happy place whenever Bruce felt sad. These 2 had built a special bond, and they were happier than ever.

Happy Bruce loves to be cuddled.

A few months ago, these 2 beings were lonely and yearning for a friend. Bruce and his dad met unexpectedly, and their lives were never the same from that moment on. “When you truly want something, it eventually happens.” Although some would say that strays are only longing for shelter and food, Bruce proved them all otherwise. Since he was born, Bruce was a sad and pensive puppy, and his life was not at all easy.

Soon, he became the happiest dog in the world, and he fully trusted his dad, the person he loved the most. At the same time, the man’s life found its meaning, and he is no longer yearning for more. That’s how everything came together for them.

2 individuals wished to find a special someone, and they met at the right place and time. It means that true love and happiness sometimes come when we least expect them. You can have everything you yearn for if you just believe.

Screenshot images and Video credits: © Pet Tales/YouTube

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