36 Years Ago, 20 German Shepherds Take the Final Police Dog’s Test: To Keep Calm and Not Attack the Passing Cat

A police dog should have a calm but alert personality. It is part of their training. A netizen shared a photo of 20 German Shepherd dogs taking their final exams 36 years ago in Germany: To stay calm while a stray cat passes by them. In the photo, the various facial expressions of the canine trainees looked interesting.

The photo that was shared on social media was a historical photo taken in Germany in 1987. It was a picture taken during the final testing of police dogs before they were certified. In the photo are 20 German Shepherds sitting in a row while a cat passes by them. Their test was to remain calm while it passed. Additionally, they are not allowed to make growling noises at the cat. They pass the test when the cat is out of sight while they remain composed.

Although the army of trainees was seated obediently, the photo shows some of them struggling to keep calm and staring at the cat while it passed by. Some seem to think about pouncing at the cat, while others conceal their emotions by looking in different directions. If you stare at the photo long enough, you will notice their various expressions, and they are hilarious! Each dog seems to have a different personality.

▼ Netizens reacted and left comments below the post:

“They are looking for the cat’s weakness.”

“This is actually the cat’s final test.”

“I don’t know how many cats were used for this test.”

“There seems to be a leash around each of the dogs’ necks. There should be no need for worry on the cat’s part.”

“The third and seventh ones from the left were focused on the trainer. They must be top students.”

Cover photo and Twitter post credits: © Historic Hub @HistoricHub/Twitter

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