A Gray Tabby Cat was Spotted Using Her Body to Shield Her Kittens and Protected Them from the Pouring Rain

No matter the species, a mother’s love is incomparable. A young man was on his way to school during a day of heavy rain and chanced upon a mother cat and her 2 kittens. She was protecting them by expanding her body like an umbrella to cover the little ones. The scene touched him so much that he helped them by moving the mother and her kittens to a safer and drier location.

In July 2019, Kyushu, Japan, suffered from heavy rains for several days, which even caused floods. Millions of locals were forced to relocate. Although schools were closed that day, the young man had to go to school to do some errands. On the way, he saw a gray tabby cat beside a motorcycle, shielding her babies from the pouring rain.

When he approached the mother cat and her babies, she stared at the man with a wary expression. Only then did he realize that she was protecting her babies from the heavy rain.

The young man said that the cats were fortunate they were under a roof, and the area they were standing on was dry. They were not exposed to the rain. The mother cat must have chosen this particular area to breastfeed her babies so they would not get wet from the heavy downpour.

Many netizens expressed their concern about what happened to the mother cat and her babies. He replied that after gaining the mother cat’s trust, he moved them to a safer and drier area. He shared the photos on Twitter, which instantly went viral and garnered more than 655,000 ‘Likes.’ Netizens praised maternal love, regardless of species, and hoped that non-human mothers and their babies survived the rainstorm and were all safe. ❤️

Cover photo and Twitter post credits: © ババリク (Babarik) @yLOedElQfsyMXmK

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