Thai Man Raised 112 Koi Fish for 6 Years, but They All Passed Away Overnight, Leaving the Owner Devastated

Koi fish is believed by people to be a sign of good luck. People who strongly believe raised koi fish for good health, good fortune, happiness, and most especially, abundance in wealth. They are as colorful as Peony flowers in the water and are known to be the “rich fish.”

A Thai man raised 112 koi carp in a pond in his backyard. For 6 years, he was careful and took very good care of each one. One day, a relative unexpectedly visited his home while he was out for work. What he saw in his pond the next day gave him the shock of his life!


It turned out that the visiting relative wanted to take photos of his koi carp in the pond. However, the bubbles coming out from the oxygen pump were interfering with his shots. He wanted to get the perfect photos, so he turned off the oxygen pump. After taking several shots of the koi, he immediately left and forgot to turn the pump back on. Additionally, although the owner inspects the koi fish when he comes home every day, he was very tired when he arrived that night and went straight to bed. The owner’s girlfriend did not notice that the oxygen pump was turned off. She was the first to get up the next morning and was shocked to see all the koi carp upside down and immobile.



When the owner arrived at the scene, he stood at the foot of the pond, unable to accept what he was seeing. Without hesitating, he got the fish net and placed the fish on shore one by one. When he realized they were all dead, he said sadly, “My heart hurts so much that I can’t breathe, and when I see other people’s fish, I think of my own koi fish. 😢

Netizens feel bad for the owner. All the koi carp were his beloved pets! 😢

Source: © TVBS News and TW100

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