A Dedicated Samoyed Service Dog Melted Hearts on the Internet by Guiding a Disabled Young Woman

Samoyed breeds are known as the “Smiling Angels” due to their gentle nature and bright smiles that touch people’s hearts. They may be cute but tend to be lazy at times. Hence, they are generally considered less suitable to be working dogs. However, people in China have moved past that belief. A netizen who shared a photo on a social media site surprised many locals when a service dog to a visually impaired female student riding a subway train was a Samoyed!


Xiaohongshu user “Garfield’s Mom” ​​from Guangdong, China, was riding in a train one day and noticed a rare sight that immediately caught her attention. A few feet away, across from her, was a visually impaired female student carrying a schoolbag with a service dog resting at her feet. Even with a dog muzzle, the passenger noticed the dog was a Samoyed. What surprised her was that service dogs are usually Labradors or Golden Retrievers. Looking closer, she confirmed that the service dog of the female student was indeed a Samoyed.

In addition to being known as the “Smiling Angel,” Samoyeds are naturally silly but honest, and they are also known as one of the Sleigh Three Fools.” The other 2 are the Siberian Husky and the Alaskan Malamute. Generally, these 3 breeds are not ideal as service dogs. However, photos and videos of the young visually impaired woman and her service dog have gone viral and have now proven that Samoyeds can be a hardworking breed for visually impaired girls if they are properly trained. The post shared by the netizen touched the hearts of people globally.



Here are some of the comments written by netizens who were touched by the young woman and her service dog:

“The focused Samoyed looks so amazing!”

“Now, there is a Samoyed who is a guide dog.”

“I’m so proud of the cute dog.”

“Samoyed service dog is working hard today!”

“Samoyed is not only sweet-looking but also great at work.”

“The pride of the Samoyed circle! Good job!”

Additionally, eagle-eyed netizens recognized the young woman as the Internet celebrity Noko,” and her guide dog’s name was Yuki.” The young female student suffered from a neurological disease that resulted in sudden blindness. When Noko chose Yuki to be her guide dog, the Samoyed was provided with specialized guide dog training. Yuki worked very hard to assist Noko upon employment. The scene is so touching! 💖


Watch on Bilibili. Click HERE.
Watch on Bilibili. Click HERE.


Image credits: © 全是狗狗啊 (It’s all dogs)/Weibo

Video credits: © 诺子喵呜 (Nuo zi Miao)/Bilibili

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