A Woman Gets the Most Memorable Tattoo on Her Arm as a Remembrance of Her Beloved Dog That Passed Away

Nowadays, many people tattoo their beloved pets on the most conspicuous part of their bodies, especially after their pets have passed away. Most of them claim that it is a reminder of selfless companionship and a bond between humans and pets that can never be severed.

In 2014, Anna Halcin adopted a dog named Sebastian from a local shelter. When he passed away in October 2021, Anna had his hugging paws tattooed on her left arm to remember all the fond memories they had together. “He was special to me and always will be,” Anna Halcin said, reminiscing the days with Sebastian. “We were absolutely best friends.”

Sebastian is a very smart dog. Although he depends on his human mom, he is well-behaved and has brought a lot of comfort and happiness to Anna.


However, in October, Sebastian passed away due to a heart disease. His sudden passing left Anna heartbroken. However, amid her grief, she thought of a way to keep Sebastian’s memory alive. Anna remembered that he loved to hold her arm, which was his favorite gesture every time. “He loved giving my arm a hug,” Anna recalled.

Just as Sebastian loved to embrace Anna’s arm when he lived, she would like to remember him doing the same in spirit, memorialized in a tribute tattoo. “I wanted something that was always with me, no matter what,” Anna said. “And a tattoo seemed just perfect. Now, every time I look down, it’s like he is hugging me. That’s helped me cope quite a bit.”

As happy as they were when Anna and Sebastian were together, it saddened her that her beloved dog was no longer around. To commemorate Sebastian, she mirrored his loving gesture and got a special tattoo on her arm. It was Sebastian’s favorite arm embrace.


After Anna shared the body art photo in a support group online, it garnered an outpouring of well-wishes and applause from community members. However, it made some lament the cruelty of the years. Most of them hoped that furbabies could stay longer and make happy memories with them for many years.

“So many people messaged me after that, showing me the pictures of their similar-looking dogs, and I see him in each one of them,” Anna said. “I like to think it’s him saying, ‘Hi, Mama,’ each time.” The tattoo was not only an image but also a memory that carried her love for Sebastian, who she missed so much but will stay in her heart forever. ❤️

Images credits: © Anna Halcin @annahalcin/Instagram

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