Happy Samoyed Puppy Relaxes with His Owner Outside a Starbucks Coffee Shop

Lately, we notice people relaxing at coffee shops with their best friend – a “furry” best friend, specifically. They would usually stay in the outdoor area of the restaurant, perhaps for the fresh air. Recently, a photo of a Samoyed named Dazs (ダッツ) and his human dad were seen relaxing outside a Starbucks coffee shop. Netizens called him the “Smiling Angel” since the photo showed him having the best time of his life with his dad, and his tongue was sticking out. Dazs and his owner live in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

1-year-3-months-old Dazs loves to run around and go places with his owner. Tired from their usual play one day, the duo went to Starbucks for a time of relaxation. The exhausted Samoyed sat on his owner’s lap and made himself comfortable – so comfortable that he began to tilt his head and stick out his tongue, seemingly able to fall asleep. His dad did not seem to mind his heaviness and hugged the lovable dog tightly closer to him. The hilarious but relaxing scene amused netizens, who left heartwarming reactions and comments on their photo.



The photo was taken after Dazs and his dad had finished their meal. Judging from the position of his body, the adorable dog is satisfied with his food, and his face lit up with happiness. Netizens were amused with the huge Samoyed and left touching comments on his photo:

“He looks like a large pillow. ❤️

“I am touched by the heartwarming photo.”

“A super-relaxing day for Dazs and his owner.”

“I can bear his expression no matter how heavy he is!”

Cover photo and Twitter post credits: © サモエドのダッツ (Samoyed Dazs) @samoyed_dazs

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