A Goose Underwent Surgery on Her Abdomen, and the Father Stood By Her Side at the Veterinary Hospital for Support

In the animal world, the bond between a mother and her baby is strong, similar to human relationships. Fathers are very protective of their children, which also applies to the animal kingdom. In Thailand, a young goose was rushed to a veterinary hospital for emergency surgery since she ingested a wire. Her “biological” father also came to the hospital later to visit his daughter. The scene of heartwarming fatherly love touched the hearts of netizens!


An animal hospital located in the heart of Tiwanon, Nonthaburi Province, Thailand, the Panalai Veterinary Hospital, confined a white young goose in December 2021 for swallowing a wire. When she arrived, the staff immediately sedated and anesthetized the young goose. She lay on the hospital bed with her long neck on a pillow and her wings spread out. To facilitate the operation, the feathers on her abdomen were plucked. The staff claimed she was an obedient goose.


The vets explained that the wire was stabbing at the goose’s stomach after ingesting it, so she needed immediate medical attention and surgery. Blood transfusion was also needed during surgery, and the owner brought the goose’s biological father to support her. The elderly gander looked at his daughter lying on the hospital bed with a look that seemed to be sheer sympathy: “My child, are you okay? Don’t be naughty next time!”

Fortunately, the procedure went well, and the young goose recovered quickly. The stitches were removed after a few days. When her owner came to the hospital to take her back home, the goose was already up and about, running around the hospital. Even her veterinarian could not help but laugh and said, “Father and mother have come to take you back. Don’t go naughty and eat anything else, child.” 🤣

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Images credits: © Panalai Veterinary Hospital/Facebook

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