Hilarious Antics of a Hungry Dog in a Train Trying to Get Prawn Crisps is Caught on Camera and Goes Viral

A hungry dog was denied his favorite snack during a train ride, and the passenger behind him was able to capture his antics on camera. The 4 images were shared on social... Read more »

Old Man Adopts an Baby; Becoming an Influencer when She Grew Up, They Travel the World Together

Companionship is the best kind of filial piety. Being there for our parents when they need us the most is the best form of respect. It is our sacred duty as their... Read more »

A brave mother overcomes language barriers and travels across half the globe with the only aid of a “note” in order to meet her daughter, but almost ends up being detained at L.A. airport. Luckily…

Editor’s note: This is a true story of an old mother with language barriers travelling half the globe to meet her daughter. The story was recorded by a reporter Ms. Xiao who... Read more »

Koi Fish Owner Hired Workers To Clean His Pond But All His Fish Died After

Warning: This story may trigger owners and lovers of ornamental fish. Read at your own discretion. Preservation of expensive fish is not easy. Through his Twitter page, a netizen @anthraxxx uploaded the... Read more »

Firefighter Who Delivered a Single Mother’s Baby Adopts Her After 2 Days

Adoption has become common nowadays for couples who no longer can conceive their own child. It also gives hope to children who need a new home when their biological parents can’t tend... Read more »

3 Rescue Dogs and Mexican Red Cross Searchers were Transported by Plane Alongside Passengers and Were in Their Best Behavior

In February, passengers on a plane felt excited upon seeing 3 dogs sitting obediently alongside them during a flight. They were on their best behavior and were immediately the focus of attention.... Read more »

Shiba Inu Escapes Her Kennel in a Plane Cargo Hold on Mid-flight while Dosed on Full Sedatives, Leaving Baggage Handlers Baffled

In this modern age, many people have been traveling with their pets. Airplanes allow this but follow rules and regulations. Guide dogs, emotional support animals, and the like, are allowed inside the... Read more »

Brad Pitt Let a 105yo Man Continue Living in His Home Rent-free, which the Actor Purchased, and Even Helped with the Groceries

Hollywood celebrity Brad Pitt has always been known for his showbiz achievements and for being an icon with a heart of gold. Early this year, a touching story of the celebrity went... Read more »

A White Dog with Black Ears Has Gone Viral for His Uncanny Resemblance to the Famous Animated Dog Snoopy

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Audrey Hepburn’s Nostalgic Beauty Still Captures the Hearts of Fans Around the World and Remembered Years After Her Passing

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