This is the Kamitetep, a Species of Moth (Phereoca Uterella ) that Clings to the Walls of the House

The Kamitetep may be small in size, but it can cause bruises and itching on our skin. They look weird, but you’ve definitely seen these small-sized caterpillars that often cling to walls... Read more »

63yo Man is Horrified to Find a Ladder Snake Inside a Bag of Broccoli He Purchased from an Aldi Store

More people have become aware of maintaining good health and consuming the right type of food is their priority. Among them, Broccoli is known for fat reduction and fitness. It is rich... Read more »

A Tiny Dog Covered in Matted Fur was Unrecognizable After a Groomer Removed Almost 2 Pounds of His Hair

One sunny day, a pup was wandering the streets near his home in Southern California. As the day progressed, the heat of the sun intensified, which scorched the sidewalk under his paws.... Read more »

A Crate with the Most Heartfelt Handwritten Letter Was Found at the Doorstep of an Animal Shelter

When the staff of Fayetteville Animal Protection Society in North Carolina arrived at the shelter, they found a crate placed outside the front door. It was covered with a blue striped blanket. Their hearts... Read more »

A Woman is Surprised to See Her Husband in the Background of a Photo During the Time They Have Not Met

Internet celebrity Jenn Chia from Malaysia shared a video on her social media pages. Surprisingly, her husband was in the background of one of her photos she had taken 12 years ago in a... Read more »

A Military Dog Diagnosed with Incurable Sickness Flies Back for the Last Time to Her Hometown and Gets Applauded for Her Service by Everyone Onboard the Flight

There are hundreds of dogs serving in the military, most of which are from the Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd breeds. They are flown to the U.S.A. from various countries as puppies... Read more »

A Labrador Retriever Falls Asleep in a Plane During a Flight with Its Upper Body Visible from the Passenger Aisle

A flight attendant on duty during a flight could not help but notice a Labrador Retriever sleeping soundly on the floor next to its master. It instantly fell asleep due to exhaustion, and its... Read more »

A Married Couple with a 40-Year Age Gap Shuns All Bashes from Netizens Who Discovered They Have Already Been Married for 3 Years

Although people say, “Age doesn’t matter”, how many people pursue a ‘no-age-limit’ relationship? Most people admit that they prefer to have a partner whose age is not far from theirs.   The... Read more »

A 90kg. Mastiff Loves to Sit on the Lap of His Human Parents and Feels He is Still a Puppy

A 200-pound (approx. 90.71kg.) English Mastiff loves to cuddle with his human parents. Although he is a big dog, he is still considered a puppy since he was born on January 21,... Read more »

Keanu Reeves Bought a House for His Mother First Before Buying His Own and Made People Admire Him More

Hollywood actor Keanu Reeves has become a household name and, through the years, has become one of the most well-loved celebrities. He is known to have a heart of gold, aside from having a successful career in... Read more »