A Rabbit Carrying an Uber Eats Bag Seemingly Delivering Food at a Doorstep Warms the Hearts of Animal Lovers Around the World

Pet owners love to dress their furry children with fancy styles, making them pretty for photographs. Some owners come up with unique ideas in line with trending fashion. Recently, rabbit owners have emerged on social media and shared adorable photos of their pets. Among all the rabbit photos trending on the internet, one particular picture of a rabbit carrying an Uber Eats backpack caught the netizens’ eyes. The male rabbit was standing at the foot of the doorstep of a customer’s house, just like a delivery boy, and was anxiously looking around. The video of the Uber Eats rabbit attracted thousands of netizens around the world.

X (formerly Twitter) user, さんでん, posted photos of 2 rabbits he had raised on his social media page. They are Tangerine and Jimmy. He often posts cute photos and videos of the rabbits on Twitter, attracting thousands of followers. One day, he shared a video of Jimmy carrying an Uber Eats backpack while standing at the footstep of their home, seemingly delivering food to his customer.

Jimmy the rabbit was quietly standing near the door while he anxiously looked around. He was like a delivery boy waiting for his customer to pick up his food. The video has since gone viral and garnered thousands of “Likes”. The owner captioned the video: “This Uber Eats delivery boy is wondering if the food can be left at the door.”

The video has garnered more than 149K reactions from netizens since it was posted on March 16, 2022. Additionally, the adorable video of Jimmy the Uber Eats rabbit has become popular among rabbit owners around the world. Here are some of the comments left by his followers:

“Yes, I ordered a carrot. 😆

“If possible, I really want such a cute delivery rabbit.”

“I beg for an Uber Eats delivery bunny.”

“Such a cute delivery bunny must come directly to the house.”

Images credits and Twitter post credits: © さんでん (Sanden) @miniusagidoyasa

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