A Married Couple with a 40-Year Age Gap Shuns All Bashes from Netizens Who Discovered They Have Already Been Married for 3 Years

Although people say, “Age doesn’t matter”, how many people pursue a ‘no-age-limit’ relationship? Most people admit that they prefer to have a partner whose age is not far from theirs.


The news went viral about a 30-year-old Cambodian woman and a 70-year-old Chinese man who have been married for 3 years, but news about them was only revealed recently. Soda Meng and Se Song Bang have an age gap of 40 years, which would be seen as a “grandfather-granddaughter” relationship. When their marriage was finally exposed, the couple received numerous criticisms and their relationship was not blessed by the public. It was revealed that they dated for 8 years and finally tied the knot on October 29, 2020. After 3 years, their marriage was finally exposed.


30-year-old Soda Meng and her 70-year-old husband, Se Song Bang, happily share their sweet wedding photos on Facebook with the caption: “I will love only you for the rest of my life.”

After their marriage, Soda shared photos of their wedding on Facebook and expressed gratitude to her husband. Her post wrote, “Thank you for not minding my past. Thank you for accepting me and letting me know how to love, learn to forgive, and accept the good and the bad no matter what.”

Additionally, Soda Meng said that her husband loves her deeply and takes good care of her mother. Through the years, the public has darted strange looks towards them. Soda firmly chose to stay in her marriage. “We will always be together. I will take care of you for the rest of my life. Although I have known many people in the past, no one can accept my heart like you. 8 years ago, I realized that only you love me. Thank you, my husband, thank you, my best friend. I will love only you in my life!”


While the couple with a 40-year age gap are truly in love, bashers are unhappy for them. “Endure for a few more years, then you will be free!”

After 3 years of marriage, the couple is still in love and very happy. They often share photos of their married life on Facebook, which surprised many netizens. After all, most of them assume that the woman only married the elderly man for his money. Numerous offensive comments flooded their accounts on social media, prompting the couple to close all their pages. After their marriage was revealed to the public, most of them left unpleasant comments on their photos, saying:

“If you have money, you can have as many lives as you want.”

“Share beautiful things together. ❤️

“Rich men are very handsome and stylish! They are loved by many people.”

“Endure for a few more years, and you will be free! You will have a considerable income by then.”

For anyone seeking the couple’s accounts on social media, you will not find even one. Since the public believed the woman was only interested in her husband’s wealth, they wrote disrespectful comments on their photos that prompted the couple to close their accounts for good.

Images credits: © Soda Meng/Facebook and Sunday Kiss Online

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