A Dad Who Initially Did Not Like Dogs in the House Suddenly Had a Change of Heart

Most people admit that an adorable furry baby can melt the hardest of hearts. Dogs are man’s best friend and are smart, considerate, and loyal. Even the most arrogant elders at home reveal they give in when faced with a pet’s affectionate approach.

The Dodo reported that a man from Brazil, Vicinius Carleto, informed his parents that he was planning to adopt a dog from the shelter nearby. However, he did not expect that his parents would disapprove. Even his 65-year-old father harshly said: “I definitely don’t want a dog at home!”

“My dad is old and grumpy, always frowning,” Vicinius Carleto joked in an interview.

Vicinius did not give up on his plan to adopt a dog and decided to approach his mother, who had a gentler nature. Initially, he arranged for his mother to meet the dog named Pitoco. As soon as she saw the adorable furry baby, the mother immediately had a change of heart. With his mother finally on his side, Pitoco came home. His dad conceded defeat and was hesitant to accept Pitoco in his house.

“He accepted Pitoco but didn’t think much of him,” Vicinius said.

When his dad first saw Pitoco, he was still reluctant and very cold towards the dog. However, after a few days, Vicinius noticed some small changes with his dad, and what happened next caught him off guard.

“Every time my dad came home stressed from work, he got distracted by the dog and left the stress behind,” Vicinius said. “Then, one day, I came home and saw my dad with Pitoco in the yard. They were running around and playing. I never imagined it was possible.” Although his father still had mood swings, he mellowed down when he was around Pitoco. ❤️

3 months later, Vicinius realized that his father had become Pitoco’s number 1 fan. He had 2 t-shirts custom-made. The large one had Pitoco’s face printed on it for his father to wear, and the other, a smaller t-shirt with his father’s face printed on it for Pitoco to wear. Initially, it looked like a ‘Father and Son’ attire, which made Vicinius quite jealous. “I didn’t even have a father-son outfit!”

Although he felt a little envious, Vicinius was happy to see his dad’s transformation. Pitoco has become the most beloved member of their family.

“Watching Pitoco change my father. This is a very important starting point for him,” Vicinius said. “It seems dogs understand how we are feeling. And their companionship allows us to escape the daily stresses of life. That’s a very important thing.”

The photo of Pitoco and Vicinius’s dad wearing their ‘father-and-son’ t-shirts has gone viral, attracting many netizens and online media to share their adorable picture on other social media pages. Yes, the hardest of hearts can be tamed by a lovable pooch who brings happiness to every family.

Images credits: © Vinicius Carleto for The Dodo

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