Chubby Bengal Tiger Cub Has Irrepressible Appetite that His Companions No Longer Want to be Around Him in the Zoo Enclosure

A chubby little Bengal tiger loves to eat and has an unrestrained appetite to eat more food than any of his companions in a zoo enclosure. Due to his strong urge to consume more food, the other tigers staying with him shunned the little tiger. The zoo visitors noticed that the chubby little tiger was always alone and huddled in a corner, looking very sad. Keeping to himself, people assumed he was thinking, “What’s wrong with having a little more food? I am good at eating.”

The chubby Bengal tiger lives in the Harbin Northern Forest Zoo in China and is known by the staff to be a better eater than the other tigers. When zoo visitors came to view the tiger enclosure, they noticed the little chubby tiger sitting alone in the snow in one corner. Although other tigers were roaming the enclosure, the tourists observed that none of them interacted with him as though he was a stranger.

The tourists felt sad for the lonely little tiger who only lowered his head and looked helpless in the snowy cage. He was waiting for the breeders to come and bring them food. He also knew that only the humans would pay more attention to him.

The innocent look of a chubby little Bengal tiger. Who could resist such cuteness? That look will make you want to hug and play with him all day!

When photos of the little chubby tiger being shunned by his companions reached the Internet, netizens expressed their feelings towards the lonely animal:

“It’s really a fat tiger, so cute.”

“I fell in love with this cute little tiger at first sight. The breeder did a great job.”

“Sad tiger: ‘Thank you for your likes, but don’t take pictures of me anymore. My companions don’t play with me anymore. It’s not my fault that I’m a good eater.’”

“I heard he was isolated because he eats food from other animals… and then it became so fat.”

“Is the breeder ignoring him because he loves to eat so much and deliberately ignores him to prevent him from begging for food?”

Images credits: © LOOKER Pets

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