Gentle German Shepherd is Chased by a Group of Corgis Around a Parking Lot

Although a German Shepherd may look majestic and vicious at first glance, most dogs of that breed may have a completely different personality than what people assume. A netizen shared a video that immediately went viral. It showed a German Shepherd being chased by a group of small Corgi dogs in a parking lot when they were out for a walk with their respective owners. The gentle German Shepherd was keeping itself away from the noisy Corgis, who were chasing it like children at play.

In the video, the 5 little Corgi dogs felt excited when they saw the tall German Shepherd. They wanted to play with someone bigger than them, so they ran around it and barked while the gentle giant attempted to run away from the little furry babies. Surprisingly, the German Shepherd was unable to subdue them. However, he kept running away from them, not wanting to play or attack them. The bigger dog ran here and there, trying to get away from the little furry babies. In the end, it only hid behind its owner for help.

Netizens who have viewed the hilarious video on various social media sites were amused. Here are some of the funny comments left by the followers:

“You came home during the Chinese New Year and saw a group of nephews and nieces. 😆

“German Shepherd is so timid!”

“Dad! Dad! Dad!”

“Corgi: ‘Long legs!’”

Although the scene with the German Shepherd running away from the tiny Corgis is hilarious, its reaction is exactly similar to adults hiding from children they cannot get along with. Some people who can relate to this will have a sense of déjà vu. 😆

Screenshot images credits: © Pet on Tube/YouTube

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