A Dog Left Alone on the Roadside and Was Caught on CCTV, Smiles Again in His New Forever Home

Remember Snoop? A dog whose story went viral when he was abandoned by his owner on the roadside in England seemed to send a message that most people do not deserve to have pets. Snoop was once a happy pup when, one day, his owner decided to leave him lying on his bed on the side of the road. A random passerby spotted him and brought him to a shelter. He waited for his owner to come and pick him up. However, it never happened, and Snoop fell into depression for months.

In 2018, a man stopped his car on the roadside in Stoke-on-Trent. When he opened the door, Snoop, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, jumped out and followed his owner. The man left his bed on the sidewalk, and when Snoop got into his bed, the owner ran back to his car. Suddenly alerted of what happened, Snoop begged his owner to let him back in, but the man immediately drove off.

Heartbroken, Snoop went back to his bed and waited for his owner to fetch him. Hours passed, and a random passerby stopped his car when he spotted Snoop sleeping in his bed. He instantly picked him up and brought him to the nearest shelter. There, he was in mourning, and Snoop waited a year to find his forever home.

The incident was caught on CCTV, and Snoop’s story went viral when the staff of the RSPCA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) told this story on air.


The RSPCA staff said that Snoop was good-mannered and he deserved to have a new home. He would be a loyal dog to his new owner. Snoop slowly recovered from being abandoned by his former owner and gradually adapted to his life in the shelter. Unfortunately, the shelter staff could not provide him yet with a new home. The lovable Staffie had to wait a little longer for his forever family.

Until one day, the most amazing luck happened!


The team of RSPCA received thousands of inquiries about Snoop after telling his story on air. Many were heartbroken, and his story touched millions of people across the globe. They were interested in Snoop’s situation, and others were interested in adopting him and providing the sweet dog a new home. In no time, Snoop has suddenly become the interest of many families, and the RSPCA team was having difficulty in deciding which one deserved Snoop…

After careful screening of all the candidates, one name was decided. The perfect candidate was Laurence Squire, from rural Hertfordshire. He felt heartbroken hearing Snoop’s story on the news, so he immediately applied to provide him a safe haven forever.

After being the only successful candidate, the RSPCA team decided that Laurence was the perfect individual to adopt the lovable Staffy. He had a big backyard and a spacious home where Snoop would be able to enjoy his playtime. Additionally, Laurence works from home, so Snoop would not have to suffer separation anxiety again.

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Today, Snoop is very happy and could smile again after everything he has undergone. All unfortunate incidents are behind him now. He’s become the king of his new forever home. He plays, runs around in the backyard, eats proper meals, and lies on his favorite place… the sofa.

“As soon as he came into the house for the first time, he jumped on the sofa, and it was as though he decided that was the space for him! He loves to lie on the back of the sofa, and if I put the fire on, he will curl up in front of it,” says Laurence.

After all the unfortunate incidents he has been through, Snoop finally has a forever home he deserves and a new owner who showers him with love and affection! This is truly a happy ending for a lovable Staffy who did not deserve to be deserted. Snoop is now living the perfect life!

Images credits: © RSPCA for Derby Telegraph and The Irish News

Video credits: © Daily Mail, RSPCA/YouTube and Facebook Watch

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