A Lone Albino Puppy that Survived Among a Litter of Dogs Fought for His Life and Had an Amazing Transformation Growing Up

Due to irresponsible breeding and animal abuse, most innocent fur babies do not stand a chance to fight for their lives, especially when they are weak. Additionally, some owners abandon these poor animals in the streets and most of them do not survive after a few days.

8 years ago in California, neighbors were alarmed when they learned that a breeder was about to leave a litter of puppies outside his backyard. A woman who received a call from one of the breeder’s neighbors was suddenly alerted when she heard the news that the litter of puppies was hanging on to their lives and they urgently needed help.

An independent rescuer and a kind-hearted dog lover, Clanay Reza, received a call from the breeder’s neighbor and asked her for help. According to the neighbor, there was a litter of puppies born, and their mother passed away from profuse bleeding. They were left fending for themselves, and the smallest of them all, Lucky, was the weakest. At the time, the tiniest pup was only the size of a baby hamster.

Although it was assumed that Lucky had a very slim chance of surviving, Clanay never gave up on him. Every 20 minutes, she would feed him baby formula, and she barely slept a wink for a couple of days.

“I never knew if tomorrow was promised for him. Lucky’s first 8 weeks of life, I hardly ever slept. I would stay up watching him, making sure he was still alive and breathing,” Clanay wrote on Instagram.

Unfortunately, Lucky’s siblings did not survive. He was the only one left with a fighting chance.

Weeks passed, and Lucky’s life was no longer in danger. However, he still had ongoing health issues to battle. By the time Lucky had opened his eyes, he had a yeast infection and corneal ulcer, and his right eye had to be removed.

“We found out he was blind in one eye and actually had a puncture in his eye and a corneal ulcer. As he got older, the ulcer and puncture grew and started causing him pain, so at 4 months old, we removed his eye,” Clanay said.

When Lucky was 10 weeks old, he was diagnosed with a condition called Albinism. According to Clanay, the condition was the result of a recessive gene caused by inbreeding.

For a year, Lucky fought his battles with a strong will to survive. Losing his mom and siblings and facing his health problems. Lucky did not lose heart to overcome all these health struggles.

Well, friends, here is Lucky now!

After fighting all his health battles, he is looking smarter than ever. He’s the quirkiest, fluffiest, and cuddliest member of the household, and he owns it!

Today, Lucky is 8 years old and is filled with happiness! With his amazing family, he is making unforgettable memories every day, as though he never had a single battle in his past.

Lucky’s determination to survive helped him transform into a confident and strong dog, a perfect companion to Clanay. Since he loves having fun, he enjoys the company of everyone, especially children.

Recently, he had a baby sister, and Lucky is very happy to have her. She is his world now and does everything to be with her all the time. He loves taking naps with her every day.

An abandoned albino pup, who was assumed to have no chance of surviving, turns out to be the luckiest dog who has everything he deserves! ❤️

Images credits: © Lucky Reza🍀 @luckysecondchanceatlife_/Instagram

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