A Woman is Amazed to Find Her Taxi Driver Wearing an Oxygen Tube Works Hard to Earn a Living

In August, at around 6:30 in the evening, Nongying Chuaibamrung from Thailand was going back home to Bang Khu Wat from a police station in Pathum city riding a taxi cab. On the way, she noticed that the driver was talking to a caller on the phone and driving very slow, no faster than 40 km/h. Although this upset the passenger, she kept quiet and stayed calm. After a few seconds, he hung up and asked for help from the female passenger to check on the oxygen tank strapped behind his car seat for any air bubbles. Curious, Nongying started a conversation with the driver.

49-year-old Sumeth Singpun was suffering from various diseases, including problems with his kidneys and needed dialysis. Sumeth also has poor vision, hence, his slow driving. Despite his suffering, Sumeth never complained and relentlessly strived hard to earn a living. Amazed by his determination, Nongying shared his story on her Facebook page.

Taxi driver Sumeth lives in Ayutthaya, Bang Sai. He earns a living by driving a taxi in Pathum Prison. He lives alone and pays the rent, works hard to earn his keep for the day, and buys food to eat. People with disabilities in Thailand receive an allowance of US $21.90 (800 Thai Baht) per month, not enough for their treatments and medicines. Sumeth also needs to undergo dialysis due to his kidney problems.

Sumeth has a son who lives far from him and never visits. Although, it is unknown if he is aware of his father’s sickness. Sumeth revealed that he has been abandoned by his son years prior.

“He lives in Ayutthaya by himself. He has to pay the rent. No work, no money. Money for disabled people is also not enough for treatment. So need to hire a taxi to drive. There is a son, who never came home to take care of him,” Nongying wrote on her Facebook post.

Nongying also added that she was able to provide an ample amount of money to Sumeth for any further assistance it may benefit him.

“He has one son,” Nongying said. “He never came to take care of him. He cried out. I could only talk to comfort him. When we arrived home, I got out of the car and paid the car fare, and helped him with a small amount of money because I only had that with me. I also told him that I want to take his story on Facebook. He also gave me his ID card to take a photo. But it was so dark, but I took it anyway. Besides the photo, it’s not clear. I only got the phone number.”

You may read more of Sumeth’s story on Facebook. His story brings inspiration to everyone and hope to individuals who are on the brink of giving up. Each person has a struggle in life. Continue to fight until you achieve success. “The sky, after the rain, is always bright.” ❤️


Source and photos credits: © Nongying Chuaibamrung/Facebook

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