77yo Former Miss Universe Winner is Now a Grandmother with Youthful Beauty that Amazes People Around the World

Everyone dreams of having youthful good looks, especially women. Many hope that when they reach their 50s, they will still have the grace and beauty of a woman in their early to late 20s. A grandmother has achieved the dream of looking young at an advanced age. She is now 77 years old and a former beauty pageant winner.

Meet Apasra Hongsakula, a grandma with ethereal beauty.

ETtoday reported that Apasra Hongsakula, who has maintained her youthful beauty, is the first woman in the history of Thailand to win the Miss Universe crown in 1965!

The 77-year-old beautiful grandmother shared photos of herself with her grandchildren on the internet, which surprised many netizens worldwide. Most of them have lovingly christened her The most beautiful grandma! due to her ageless beauty.

Apasra was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, on January 16, 1947. At a young age, she had a good figure and beauty, which stood out among the rest. When she participated in the Miss Universe beauty pageant in 1965, not only did she become the first title holder in the history of Thailand, but also the first Southeast Asian to win the Miss Universe title!

In 1967, she married the first cousin of Queen Sirikit, M.R. Kieatikhun Kitiyakara. They had a son. Her marriage with him ended long ago in divorce, but she still remained a cherished figure in Thailand. Her second marriage was with Suthikiati Chirathivat, who became chairman of the board of directors of Bangkok Post in 2017 and whose family-owned Central Group. They had a son, second for Apasra and first for Chirathivat. The marriage also ended in divorce after 10 years.

Although Apasra had 2 failed marriages, she had 2 sons from her former husbands. After winning the pageant, she still paid great attention to maintaining her youthful beauty and served as a judge in the Miss Universe pageants from 1973 to 1979. Additionally, her son Puk is a well-known YouTuber from Thailand.

Although it has been more than half a century since Apasra won the title, photos of her released online revealed her youthful looks, which she has maintained all these years. She is still beautiful and youthful-looking, and despite her age, looks like the mother of her grandson!

However, since the public noticed that Apasra seemed to be aging at a slow rate, Malaysia’s China News claimed rumors have been spreading around that the young-looking grandmother spent a lot of money on plastic surgery, which her agent denied.

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