4yo Girl and Her Stepfather Does Their Own Hilarious Version of Carpool Karaoke and has Garnered 121 Million Views on YouTube

A popular YouTube channel, The LaBrant Fam, is managed by Cole LaBrant, alongside his wife, Savannah. Their family channel regularly garners millions of visitors who enjoy their videos. However, a video released in 2017 was something very special that a 4-year-old girl and her stepfather made.

“Everleigh and I worked hard on this one!” Cole captioned in the video description. “Hope you guys enjoy it and share it with your friends!” It was a video made with love and hilarity, and the duo is excited to share it with everyone around the world.

The video was described by their followers as adorably entertaining, which featured Cole and his stepdaughter Everleigh in the cutest carpool karaoke ever.

The video begins with Everleigh, seated at the back on her car seat, asking Cole, “Hey dad, can we listen to the radio?” Being the loving Dad, he happily obliged.

As soon as the music began, they lip-sync to a medley of hits, in which a variety of costumes changed after each song. First, they sang a country tune, with Cole donning pigtails, a hot pink feather boa, fishnet gloves, and a pink headband. Everleigh also wore pink clothing and pigtails. Together, they hilariously danced and sang along to the music on the radio.

Breaking it down to a slower beat, Cole and Everleigh wore black bandanas and lip-synced to some rap songs. Everleigh stole the show by making it rain money in the back seat. Their energy and enthusiasm filled the air, and it seemed impossible to be entertained by the duo.

Cole and Everleigh continued their hilarious carpool karaoke journey, singing along to Josh Turner’s “Your Man,” followed by a breezy rendition of One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” and Ritchie Valens’ “La Bamba.”

And their “grand finale”? A headbanging performance to Drowning Pool’s “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor.”

After their high-energy musical showdown, Cole and Everleigh seemed dazed, their hair a mess, as though they woke up from a wild dream.

“What just happened?” Everleigh asks, to which Cole, equally bewildered, responds, “I don’t know.”

The video not only entertained the viewers but also achieved an amazing performance, surpassing its goal of 200,000 likes with over 542,000 likes and more than 120,000,000 views. Their amusing video was evidence of the unique bond between Cole and Everleigh and the happiness they spread to viewers around the world.

Cole and Savannah’s heartwarming story is of unexpected love and family. They met when Cole was 19 and Savannah was 23. Savannah was a single mom to 3-year-old Everleigh, and their relationship blossomed despite the distance between Alabama and California.

Here is the entertaining carpool karaoke video with Cole and Everleigh. Enjoy!

Screenshot images and Video credits: © The LaBrant Fam @ColeAndSav/YouTube

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