Horrified Customer Finds a Caterpillar Inside a Pack of Cooked Vegetables

People love to eat in restaurants on a beautiful and cool night out. Some prefer to order out and have their food delivered at home or in their office. Articles in tabloids or online, and even by word of mouth, warn of the dangers that come with ordering cooked food anywhere, even in restaurants. Most people are unaware of how they are processed, and more often than not, they are cooked with lard and are very salty. Additionally, customers have no control over the establishment’s environmental hygiene. Several videos have been shared online, revealing how insects and other pests invade the restaurants’ kitchens when no employee is around for inspection.

A few days ago, a netizen shared photos online, which instantly went viral. On the Facebook group “Breaking News Community,” a member posted a photo of a vegetable lunch he had ordered. His caption read, “They made a lot of money from rotten food.” In the photo he posted was a hot vegetable meal, which included a long and fat green caterpillar on the edge of the styrofoam box. Just one look at the picture is enough to make netizens gag.

The caterpillar can immediately be seen due to its size when you open the styrofoam box. When you look closer, even the spots on the caterpillar’s body are visible, and its legs are still intact. Fellow members tried to comfort the netizen with hilarious comments:

“It’s a green caterpillar! It’s almost ready to evolve into a cocoon.”

“Added ingredient!”

“It’s rich in protein. Try it to see if it tastes like konjac or vegetable leaves.”

Some netizens joked about the caterpillar and compared it to the “green caterpillar” in Pokémon. Some community members wondered if the netizen continued to eat the vegetables and ignored the insect or asked for a refund at the restaurant he ordered from.

However, other members of the Facebook community took a closer look at the insect and claimed that it had been cooked flat. It must have been boiled together with the blanched vegetables.

“It is quite delicious and looks like it melts in the mouth.”

“It’s flattened. Looks like the essence has been mixed with the vegetables.”

“This dish is really delicious!”

Source: © Breaking News Community/Facebook

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