Look Closer: There’s an Impostor Among a Family of Capybaras in a Zoo

People with keen eyesight can spot the “impostor” among the capybara family. A Japanese photographer recently visited a local zoo to see the capybara families in their enclosures. He takes photos and videos for his page on Facebook. One day, he again visited the zoo to take some photos when he noticed one of them looked different. It did not even look like a capybara at all! An impostor is in their midst?

In an enclosure in a zoo, a capybara family was resting inside a cave away from the heat of the sun. However, the photographer noticed one of them lurking in the back, and it had pointed ears and longer legs than a usual capybara size. Its body color was similar to theirs, and it was hiding in their midst. Only a sharp-eyed person would have noticed it immediately.

After a few seconds, the “impostor” made itself known by coming forward, revealing itself to the video. The photographer learned that the impostor was a “Patagonian mara,” commonly known as the “Rabbit guinea pig.” It may not be a surprise that it gets along with the capybaras since it also belongs to the “rodent” family. How did it enter the capybara enclosure? 😆

After the video was shared on Facebook Watch, netizens were in fits of laughter and left comments, saying:

“It seems like something somewhere got mixed in with the baras.”

“Stop pretending to be a spy!”

“What does the capybara family say about you??”

“Not at first glance. You really won’t notice it if you don’t look carefully.”

Watch the video below to witness how the capybara impostor revealed itself before leaving the cave:

View on Facebook Watch. Click HERE.

I do admit to watching capybara videos since they really relieve stress. ❤️

Screenshot images and Video credits: © Capybara photographer Katsuhito Watanabe/Facebook Watch

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