Luxury Store Saleswoman Marries a Prince from Belgium and Becomes the First Chinese Princess in His Country

Fairy tales really do come true, and it happened to a young Hakka woman from Guangdong, China. Li Ran had the academic ability to study abroad and became a saleswoman in a luxury store. While she was employed, she unexpectedly met a prince from Belgium. It was love at first sight for both of them, and they had a great conversation, which was the beginning of a wonderful relationship. Most people who learned about her story claimed she is the “modern-day Cinderella.” Upon returning to her country to visit relatives and friends, her modesty and gentle personality made her very popular with everyone back home!

CTWant reported that Li Ran is an authentic Hakka and was born in Wuhua County, Meizhou City, Guangdong Province, China. She was always a top student while in school. In 2002, she entered the Beijing Language and Culture University and became a student majoring in Finance. After graduating, she headed to Paris on her own and studied French and civilization courses at the Sorbonne University. She also studied Marketing and Management at the ESG Management School.

Li Ran is fluent in English and French. As an intern, she worked in a Givenchy store and was employed as a sales counter girl for luxury brands such as Balenciaga and Fendi. She met Prince Charles of the Ligne family, who was a designer at the time. Li Ran chatted with him about Chinese calligraphy and painting, and the young prince admired her excellent language skills and rich cultural heritage. Gradually, they fell in love.

In 2010, Li Ran and Prince Charles married, and she became the first “Asian princess” in Belgium. Soon, she gave birth to a son, Prince Amadeo. Her marriage to the prince was the envy of some women.

Eventually, Li Ran returned to China to visit family and friends she had not seen for a while. She was clad only in a white polo shirt and jeans since simplicity was her style. She visited local schools and reconnected with old mentors. She shared her life experiences and journey overseas in hopes of encouraging students to be themselves and pursue their dreams.

Li Ran is kind-hearted, friendly, and never hesitates to participate in tree-planting charity activities. She was also invited to participate in the 6th World Merchant Conference. Despite their status, Li Ran and Charles kept a low profile after the wedding. She is now the head of a European boutique brand.

The Ligne family is the oldest and most prestigious aristocratic royal family in Belgium. They have received the titles of princes and princesses since the ancient Roman Empire. However, the Ligne family has no blood relationship with the Belgian royal family.

Images credits: © Hong Kong 01, Southern Metropolis Daily, and CTWant

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