Instinctively, It is Easy to Spot the Difference Between a Dog Owner and a Person Who Does Not Own a Dog

Most people say there is a big difference between dog owners and people who do not own one. Although some people choose not to own pets, it does not mean they dislike them. However, it is easy to spot these non-pet individuals from dog owners, especially with their lifestyle. After all, who doesn’t love an adorable and playful furry baby? Instinctively, we can spot the differences between these dog owners and non-dog owners. Here are some facts:

01 Mobile phone

A dog owner has so many photos and videos of their pups on their mobile phones. They are enamored by them! Even the wallpaper on their mobile phone’s home page is a photo of their furbaby. One first-time dog owner claimed, “After getting a dog, I really couldn’t control myself. I couldn’t help but pat it. My puppy was super cute, no matter what. Even 1TB of memory was not enough.”

On the contrary, people who do not own dogs have several other photo and video collections on their mobile phones, such as family, friends, celebrities, sceneries, or a loved one.

02 Wallet

Dog owners spend an ample amount of money on their beloved dogs. Although most of them admit that they don’t systematically calculate the monthly expenses for their pets, they say that they spend money almost every day and feel no remorse. When they go shopping, items in their shopping bags usually contain food and other essentials for the home. Now, most of the items are for their dogs, and their wallet no longer bulges after they leave the store.

Non-dog owners usually complain that even watching videos of dogs on the internet can cost money, and they would spend more for their own essentials.

03 Sleeping time

Almost all dog owners sleep with their furbaby beside them on the bed. They claim that their sleeping habits have improved, and they sleep soundly for longer hours. They also feel safer and comfortable sleeping with their pets beside them.

However, a former non-dog owner complained when he got his first pet: “No one told me that the puppy snores and farts, and now it’s almost impossible to sleep without it snoring. And since raising a dog, my dog ​​wakes me up at 6 o’clock all year round, rain or shine, and I have never had a good night’s sleep. Hmph!”

04 Travel

In years past, dog owners were unable to travel since they couldn’t leave their pets alone at home. Lately, we can see them traveling with their beloved furbabies and visiting faraway places. Pets are also allowed inside cabins in airplanes. Stories of dogs enjoying a flight now circulate the internet, and most of them are fortunate to travel the world with their hooman parents. However, if the furbaby cannot travel with you, a pet monitor installed at home can ease your mind.

On the contrary, people who do not own dogs are mostly travelers. May it be for business or leisure, they do not want to worry about their furbaby being left home alone. Although they are also fond of animals, their busy lifestyle keeps them from owning a pet.

05 Eating snacks

Eating your favorite snacks, which your dog also prefers, could be a hindrance. Admit it. At times, you want to have a “me time” snack break. However, if you have a dog, you would not mind sharing some of it with them. Sometimes, you have to sneak the food to a place where you can hide from your dog. Most dog owners do not mind sharing their snacks with their pets.

People who do not have pets have no problem with this. However, leftover food from a party or a small get-together can be a problem when you have no pets to consume them. They are satisfied though, since they have more food to be stored inside the fridge for later consumption.

06 Clothes

Most dog owners avoid wearing dark-colored attires since dog hair sticks to clothes. However, most do not mind having dog hair stuck on their trousers. They are even proud of it. Most sharp-eyed people would immediately spot dog hairs on a person passing by. A dog owner said in an article that a stray dog that passed him on the street smelled his pants and immediately knew he had a furbaby at home.

All people who do not have dogs at home do not have to worry about fur being stuck on their clothes. A former dog owner claimed that it was a disaster when he wore dark-colored clothing and left his home after his dog snuggled up to him. He had never worn any dark-colored attire since then.

07 Leisure time

Leisure time with your furbaby can be the most exciting part of your day. A walk in the park, a visit to relatives, or playing in the backyard brings happiness and satisfaction to a dog owner. A person who does not have a pet usually stays alone away from home or with friends and never has to worry about their pets being alone in their house.

People who do not have pets feel free to do what their hearts desire and never think of any responsibility that comes with raising a pet.

There is compelling evidence that dog owners are healthier than people who do not have pets. They are happier and make fewer visits to the doctors. Although some of them have therapy dogs, they have a great impact on their owners.

Share your thoughts in the comments section if you have spotted the difference between dog owners and people who do not have pets with strangers you encounter daily.

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