Owner of Elderly Buffalo Rushes Back to His Hometown to Be With Her for One Last Time

It is not impossible to form a strong bond with animals, especially those who have been endearing to us. They can also feel love for us and feel our loyalty to them. An 80-year-old farmer named Liang Ping from Yunlin County, Taiwan has raised a buffalo named Niu Niu for over 20 years.

Through the years, Niu Niu worked hard to help develop large-sized rice fields and vegetable gardens and to help feed a family of 9 for 3 generations. However, a few years ago, Liang Ping noticed that Niu Niu was getting older and was reluctant to continue working, so he sent the buffalo to his old hometown in Liuying, Tainan City, to retire and rest.

One day, the caretaker discovered the buffalo lying on the ground, depressed and suffering from mild diarrhea. He immediately notified Liang Ping, and the next day, he prepared forage from his hometown and rushed to Tainan!

However, when Liang Ping arrived at the old Niu home, Niu Niu was already covered with a yellow blanket. He squatted and removed the blanket, touched her head, and said with tears in his eyes: “You have worked hard all your life. Find a good person when you reincarnate again. Find a rich man and live a good life!” The picture was very devastating.

When she arrived in Tainan with Liang Ping, Niu Niu had not eaten food or drank water for several days. However, seeing familiar faces enlightened Niu Niu’s mood, and she was very happy. She ate almost all the grass in the pasture in Niu’s hometown. Unfortunately, Niu Niu passed away in her sleep after a few days due to multiple organ failure.

Liang Ping said that he would be sending the body of Niu Niu to a chemical field that specializes in animal processing in Pingtung, and her ashes would be handed over to the crematorium for disposal. However, Liang Ping will never forget his beloved and hardworking buffalo, Niu Niu. At the time of her sudden demise, Niu Niu was 32 years old, which is 117 in human years. She was called “Niu Rui,” one of the first batches of cows to stay in the old Niu home when it opened in 2010.

Although the news of Niu Niu’s death was in 2016, the bond between Liang Ping and Niu Niu stayed strong in his memory, and their relationship is still the talk of the town today!

Fortunately, Niu Niu had the opportunity to see her beloved master one last time before he left and enjoyed the green pasture in his hometown before she peacefully passed away in her sleep.

Hopefully, anyone who has worked hard all their life and with no regrets will be abundantly rewarded with a happy and peaceful afterlife.

Here is the footage of Liang Ping and Niu Niu:

Images credits: © China Television News CH52/YouTube

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