A Belgian Malinois Saves Her Owner from a Vicious Mountain Lion

Dogs are very loyal to their owners. Hence, they are called “man’s best friend.” Most of the dog breeds are highly intelligent and very brave. However, some of them need extensive training on a one-on-one basis to make them fit well into society. Most dogs never cease to amaze their owners with their bravery and loyalty.

One such breed is the Belgian Malinois, which is similar to German Shepherds. They originated as herding dogs but are used in the police and military. A 2-year-old female Belgian named Eva, born on the 26th of November, 2019, showed a new level of bravery when she fought with a mountain lion that attacked her owner when they were on a hike.

Without hesitation, she jumped in to fight the beast for her owner to escape. Eva has proven that dogs are the best pets we could have since they are not reluctant to put their lives on the line for their owners. This is her story.

Eva jumps in to save Erin without hesitation.

One day, Erin Wilson, alongside the family dog, Eva, went hiking along the Trinity River in Northwestern California. Suddenly, they were face to face with a mountain lion. The wild beast jumped in front of Erin, scratching her shoulder. She screamed in shock, and the next thing she realized, Eva had jumped in to fight the big cat.

Erin noticed that Eva was battling a wild beast twice her size. While the 2 grappled, Erin grabbed a tire iron and helped Eva fight off the beast. She started beating the predator with all her might but to no avail. The lion locked its jaws on Eva’s head, puncturing her skull with its long, sharp teeth. Fortunately, a couple of motorists passed by and came to the rescue by fighting off the mountain lion with pepper spray.

Eva recuperated and ate from a bowl.
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Eva was severely injured and suffered blood loss. She was convulsing on the way to the hospital due to skull fractures and a punctured sinus cavity. The brave dog’s life was in danger. She was confined at the Redding Hospital in the Shasta Cascade region of Northern California.

Despite her severe injuries, Eva pulled through. However, she still needed a long recovery and was heavily sedated for several days. The pressure in her punctured skull was still high, and the swelling around her eyes was blocking her vision. Hence, Erin started a fundraiser to cover the medical bills of her heroic dog.

Eva and Erin on their way home.

Eva was feeling a lot better after the medical treatment. She was discharged from the hospital and has come home. She was doing her normal activities, including regular walks with Erin, and did not show any signs of weakness. However, one night, Eva had sudden seizures, and her condition deteriorated. The one thing that Erin was afraid to happen did.

Eva fell into a deep coma and was not responding to stimuli. Sadly, her body was too weak to overcome the battle this time around, and just a few hours later, Eva passed away. 😢 It was the 8th of June, 2022. Eva fell into devastation when she realized her hero was gone.

“This world is not fair! It is cruel! This wasn’t supposed to happen. Our baby is gone, and now we have no one to come and hold us. We don’t have our kisses. I don’t have my girl’s incredibly soft fur. She was so delicate. So dainty,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Eva passed away, but her memory will live forever.

Despite her sudden demise, Eva will live forever in everyone’s hearts and minds. She was Erin’s angel guardian who saved her life in the time it was needed the most.

Gone too soon, but will never be forgotten. Rest in Paradise, brave Eva. ❤️

Images credits: © Eva B The Maligator @eva_the_mal/Instagram

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