A Family Dog Reunites with Her First Owner 7 Years After Parents Left the Pup in a Shelter

Then 14-year-old Nicole Grimes, of Brownsville, Pennsylvania, always wondered about her best friend, Chloe, a furry Pomeranian-Poodle mix, after she was forced to surrender her best buddy in a local shelter. Her love for the pup never faded. However, after 7 years, Nicole started a family of her own. She married and had a beautiful baby girl.

While she was browsing her Facebook feed one day, a feeling of nostalgia hit Nicole when she saw a familiar face in one of the photos.

Nicole and Chloe were together for 4 years.
Chloe in Nicole’s arms.

At 10 years old, Nicole’s grandmother gave her the most memorable gift ever – a Pomeranian-Poodle mix named Chloe. She was tiny, so fluffy, and Nicole could not resist her charms. As an only child, Nicole knew Chloe would be her sister and best buddy. Through the years, the 2 of them formed a strong bond.

However, Nicole was 14 years old when her father got a new home-based job. He needed a calm and quiet environment, a place with no distractions. Unfortunately, that requirement was very unfamiliar to Chloe, who loves to bark and play around the house.

Despite all the love and affection, they provided Chloe, the family unwillingly had to surrender the pup to the Washington Area Humane Society in Pennsylvania. Nicole missed her best buddy and wondered every day about Chloe.

Nicole finds Chloe through a Facebook post.

7 years later, Nicole’s friend posted about a senior dog that was up for adoption at a local shelter. The description said the dog’s name was Chloe, and she was 11 years old. Nicole remembered that Chloe, her former dog, was the same age as the pup advertised. Additionally, the dog in the photo looked exactly like her old buddy!

Without hesitating, Nicole decided to adopt the female senior dog, as she gave out old memories of her former pup. When they met, the new Chloe was sweet, affectionate, playful, and loving despite her advanced age. The pup’s gestures were similar to her old buddy.

Chloe’s familiar kisses brought back old memories.

When the new Chloe arrived in Nicole’s home, the sweet pup started licking Nicole’s face the same way her former Chloe did! She had the same enthusiasm and gestures as her childhood pup. Although the similarity between the 2 pups was uncanny, Nicole had doubts about her former Chloe’s replica right in front of her. So, she decided to banish those doubts by checking it out herself.

Nicole headed to the Clover Farm Veterinary Services in Fredericktown, Pennsylvania, and had the microchip of the new Chloe scanned. It was confirmed! The 9-digit microchip number on the new Chloe matched the one her childhood dog had. Nicole was relieved and very happy. She has reunited with her long-lost dog, and it was a miracle!

“That was one of the most exciting memories of my life,” says Nicole.

Reunited after 7 years.

Finally, Nicole and Chloe are making up for lost time in a new home. Chloe is now being given boundless love and affection by Nicole, her husband, and their baby girl! Despite all the years they spent away from each other, Chloe seems happy being reunited with Nicole and her family. There was no doubt that the bond between the 2 has never severed and has always been strong!

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