A Giant Pit Bull Left Tied to a Bench Waits Patiently for Someone to Save Him

All dogs do not deserve to be mistreated. More often than not, domesticated dogs behave the way they were treated while being raised by their owners. All they want is to love and be loved in return. Their human parents’ loving embrace is a place where they are at their happiest. Many dog lovers around the globe feel devastated when they witness dogs that are mistreated in any way.

Rescuers from a local shelter shared these emotions with dog lovers when they saw an abandoned Pit Bull mix tied to a park bench, feeling brokenhearted. The dog was deeply hurt when he realized his owners left him tied to a bench and disappeared, away from sight. He kept his hopes up that his owners would return for him, but they never did. Although the poor pup was devastated, he did not lose hope that a passerby would notice and save him.

A lovable dog who needed help.

The rescuers from the Austin Humane Society, an animal shelter in Texas, were heartbroken when they noticed the giant Pit Bull mix tied to a bench with a sad look on his face. The team realized he was sick as soon as they approached him. Although he was in pain, the pup wagged his tail in excitement when the staff members walked towards him.

“He was… crusty from head to toe. He had infections of the skin and eyes, and desperately needed medicated baths, eye drops, and ointment to treat them,” the 15/10 Foundation wrote on Facebook.

The team members gently stroked his head. They named him Gordough, and he instantly felt they were the rescuers he was waiting to arrive. His eyes were filled with happiness and gratitude as he watched them untie his leash from the bench.

So much Love and Care.
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Gordough wrapped in a towel.

They immediately sent him to the shelter, and he instantly won the hearts of the staff as soon as they met him. The caregivers gave him a warm bath, and he was very patient while they applied the necessary ointments needed to treat his skin.

The staff and volunteers gave him love and cuddles, and the gentle giant felt so much gratitude for his new friends’ affection. Just seeing their smiling faces with full of affection made him feel safe. Gordough’s face started beaming at the heroes who saved him that day.

After some cuddling and embraces, Gordough was happy to have some much-needed rest.

Gordough with one of the rescuers.
Gordough’s is asleep in his new foster home.

“Gordough is kind of like one of those reclining happy Buddha statues come to life. The zen master is an inspiration to couch potatoes everywhere,” the Austin-based non-profit organization told 15/10 Foundation, later shared on Facebook.

The story of Gordough’s rescue instantly went viral on social media platforms, catching the attention of a non-profit organization in Los Angeles, California, called 15/10 Foundation. The organization provides the medical help shelter dogs need. They offered to cover Gordough’s medical expenses, and he was immediately provided the necessary treatment.

Gordough soon found a loving foster home where he fully recuperated. His foster family cared for him, and soon realized he could have a forever home with them.

Gordough is with his new loving family.
Gordough takes a nap while his hooman dad watches telly.

The gentle giant tugged on their heartstrings, prompting them to adopt him, and they promised to love and care for him forever.

Snuggling is Gordough’s favorite hobby together with his hooman parents and feeling all the love they shower him with. He also loves to play with his toys and take naps with his loving parents.

After some time, Gordough completely recovered and had the best time of his life. He feels so much love in his forever home that he completely left his sad past behind. Gordough is happy and has found the life he has always dreamed of. ❤️

Images credits: © 15/10 Foundation/Facebook

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