Brad Pitt Let a 105yo Man Continue Living in His Home Rent-free, which the Actor Purchased, and Even Helped with the Groceries

Hollywood celebrity Brad Pitt has always been known for his showbiz achievements and for being an icon with a heart of gold.

Early this year, a touching story of the celebrity went viral involving his elderly neighbor, John. Hollywood is known to people as a bustling world where celebrities transfer residences as swiftly as they change roles in films. However, Brad Pitt had a different vision for his home.

In the ‘90s, he planned to expand his property, and when he saw an opportunity with a neighboring property that was up for sale, Brad was quick to make an offer to purchase. His approach to expansion eventually led him to his elderly neighbor, John.


A man in his mid-90s, John, lived in his home for years with his wife and cherished every moment with her until she passed. The pain of loneliness and the burden of maintaining his property has become overwhelming for John. He assumed that selling his property would eventually be probable. However, the thought of leaving a memorable home was devastating for John.

Noticing John’s predicament, Brad approached him and made a generous and compassionate offer… one that John could not refuse. He proposed to buy his house. Additionally, John could continue to live in his cherished home without paying rent for the rest of his life.


Learning of the generous offer, many people, including Brad’s friend and actress Cassandra Peterson, better known as Elvira Mistress of the Dark, believed the arrangement may be short-lived due to John’s advanced age. However, life is full of unexpected twists.

John has lived in his home until he was 105 years old. Within the years after purchasing his property, John and Brad’s bond deepened. It turned out to be a lasting friendship more than just a landlord and tenant relationship.

Brad was often seen assisting John with his daily tasks, including driving him to the store and helping him with the groceries. Their bond was so strong and heartfelt that Brad’s six children, whom he shares with his ex-wife Angelina Jolie, grew fond of John.

When the day of John’s passing arrived, the children were truly saddened.

John was not the only notable figure in Brad’s neighborhood. “Elvira” actress Cassandra Peterson lived next door and shared amusing stories about her distinctive friend.

Cassandra shared a memory of a day she saw Brad training for his role in the film, “Fight Club”, and was wearing only sweatpants. She joked about almost fainting when she saw his alluring physique. Cassandra emphasized not only his physical charms but also his kind-hearted nature.

After John’s passing, Brad decided to sell his massive estate, which he carefully built through the years, for a staggering $40,000,000. However, other real estate properties he owned are far from modest. Currently, he owns a house in Hollywood Hills, a property in France with breathtaking scenery, and an exotic island off Dubai’s coast, which is a joint purchase with his ex-wife, Angelina.

Feeling nostalgic, Cassandra reminisced about her years being Brad’s neighbor, living in a house adjacent to his. Undoubtedly, she would surely miss her casual encounters with Brad, such as his “Fight Club” training session. She claims that Brad’s kindheartedness left a lasting mark on her heart.

As Brad’s acting career in Hollywood continues to soar high, stories and testimonials of his goodwill prove that Brad is not only a celebrity icon but also a great human being. His popularity will never fade.

Watch the video below to hear Cassandra talk about her friend and neighbor, Brad Pitt:

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