A Family in the UK Spots a Smiling Seal Sleeping at a Riverbank and Mistakes It for a Sandbag

A local news website in the UK, BBC, reported that a white seal was recently spotted sleeping on a riverbank in Ely, and its photos have become popular on the internet. From afar, the sleeping marine animal looks like a sack of sand dumped on the grass. However, when you come closer, you will see it is a real sleeping seal, so relaxed and very adorable with a smile on its face. The photos shared online have since gone viral, and many netizens hoped they would see the sleeping seal on the same spot one day.

Sophie Bell and her family had rented a boat on Cambridge along the River Cam, and a mysterious object was reported to have been spotted on the riverbank, which is 30 miles from the nearest coastline (48 kilometers).

As the boat moved along the river, the family spotted a conspicuous white object on the green grass near the bank. They moved the boat closer to have a look. They were amazed to see a smiling seal sleeping on the grass. “I was really lucky to encounter the legendary mysterious seal named Neil,” Sophie said, laughing. “It’s a good job we did because I would’ve thought he was an old sandbag had we been going too fast.”

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“We all were quite envious of him really just having a good time in the sun,” Sophie said. “The ‘happy little chap’ looked like he was ‘living his best life.’”

The photos of Neil, the smiling seal were shared on the Facebook page, Spotted in Ely. The post has garnered more than 1,400 likes and love reactions.

The photos of Neil the happy sleeping seal were also shared on the Facebook page of “BBC News Chinese (Traditional).” Many netizens were immediately amused, leaving heartfelt messages in the comments section:

“I also want to see a happy baby seal.”

“The real version of the sleeping baby seal.”

“They must have made photos of the sandbags with the face of a seal. 😆

“Cute seal having a retirement life.”

Images credits: © Sophie Bell for Spotted in Ely/Facebook

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